home sweet home.
written: 10:48 p.m. on Sunday, Dec. 12, 2004

I'm back from Taiwan.

It's strange. When I was there, all I could think of was getting home and back here; but now that I'm back, all I really wanna do is to be back in Taipei again.

Honestly, I blame it on my grandparents' apartment. The toilet was horrendous. But I don't feel like delving into too much details right now so I shall leave it at that for the time being.

In spite of all my negativity and the fact that I immediately got a fucking fever after I took a shower after my last entry which completely screwed up my Thursday and now I'm still coughing like a hack, I have to say that I really like Taipei. Nowhere in Singapore can ever compare to Zhong Xiao Dong Lu (Zhongxiao East Road), Taipei 101 and its surrounding areas, and my childhood home, Yonghe. Yonghe totally kicks ass. Across the road is a 7-11, and in Taiwan, the 7-11 is amazing because it sells one of my favourite foods in the world (which I won't mention because hardly anyone would know what it is anyway; it's a type of noodle, suffice to say) and much better food than the shit you get in Singapore. And unlike here, you don't have to travel all the way to Orchard to get a decent skirt or a nice haircut; all you have to do is, really, get your arse out of your house and walk. Honestly, almost everything is within walking distance, including the Metro station, which is obviously the Taipei equivalent of the MRT; the only setback is that despite the fact that the Metro was my main form of transportation, I still don't know where the heck to go when I need to change trains and all.

I finally got my hair cut, at a nice hair-cutting place (I momentarily forgot the correct word for it; two weeks of speaking more Chinese than I've ever spoken in the whole year) that boasts like three storeys, which is about like three minutes away from where I stayed. Argh. Fuck, I miss Taipei already. If only the toilet was nicer. If only Taiwanese beds didn't feel like wood. If only the apartment was a hotel and was clean. I would've enjoyed myself a lot more if I'd stayed in a hotel.

And yes, for those who're interested, I got Jielun's autograph. But more about this some other day. I'm too tired to write in detail about it, and to do it well.

Okay, now I completely regret not spending more time at Zhong Xiao Dong Lu. It rocked my socks off. I did go there twice, the first time to search for Jielun's store, the second to locate it (and honestly, it wasn't much and I didn't buy anything; didn't even take a photo because I forgot), but there was no way in hell my folks would've walked the whole stretch twice - because I would totally have wanted to cross the road to the other stretch of shops - with me.

I love Taipei. It would be nice to go back again, and to stay in a nice hotel instead.

Okay, that's it for now.

I forgot to mention this: For once, I actually like my hair. This is a first, for whenever I get it cut, I'd immediately wish that I didn't. See? Taipei rocks. Totally fucking rocks. And it was only NT$499 which is about S$25. ARGH I LOVE TAIPEI.

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