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written: 5:04 p.m. on Monday, Nov. 14, 2005

I just noticed a comment in my about page. MDGeist, who are you? Being called "kami-sama" is always a kick though. Ha, ha.

I'm supposedly reading SLS Part One Topic 8 stuff right now. Speech by President of the Law Society, January 2002, and can someone please tell me why I'm reading it? I find it slightly ironic that the president of law soc (that's what it says in the URL of its homepage!) is Mr. Joshua Benjamin Jeyaratnam's son.

Or maybe that's just me.

I have comments to respond to which I will respond to in due time. Just hang in there! And I say that as if people really gave two shits about whether I respond or not.

Oh and I have emails to finish typing too. I started writing a reply to an email about a month ago and I haven't got round to finishing it up. I am just too darn lazy for my own good, I am.

I slept at 5 a.m. and woke up at 2 p.m. I would've slept longer, except my mom came home with lunch and so she woke me up to eat said lunch. Why did I sleep at 5, I hear you ask. Because, being the utter genius that I am, I drank two cups of coffee (3 teaspoons' worth of Marks and Spencer's Italian roast coffee which is super fantastic and much much much better than your average Nescafe and it's such coffee that makes life worth living) from 1 a.m. to 2 a.m. in the morning while watching three Season 1 episodes of Veronica Mars. Hence, I was still very energetic at 3.30 a.m.; hence, I couldn't sleep; and hence, I decided to do something useful with my time and I picked up Kevin Tan's Singapore Legal System textbook, read Alex Loke's essay on the purpose of legal education, and after twenty pages I finally felt sleepy.

There's nothing like a good, heavy dosage of dry legal-esque documents to put a highly caffeinated person straight to sleep.

Okay, to be fair, I was rather riveted by Alex Loke's essay. He argued for a balance of a liberal legal education and a practical one - meaning, a law student should be equipped with the basic skills and knowledge needed to practise (practice?), and he should also understand the theories upon which the law is founded.

To make it even more obvious, practical law = tort, contract, criminal, whatever else; liberal education = the Singapore Legal System module.

I actually like SLS and detest everything else. It's such strange inclinations of mine that make me rather convinced that I'm more suited for the armchair academic route than the feisty litigator who brings down the house, yo, in the courtroom.

Anyway, that was my very enjoyable pre-dawn SLS session. From the time I woke up till now (5.16 p.m.) all I've done, school-wise, is to read the Chief Justice's opening address to this year's group of new advocates and solicitors (actually what do these two terms mean?) and half of Philip Jeyaratnam's speech.

Non-school wise? I watched Episode 19, "Hot Dogs", of Veronica Mars while eating my Ipoh hor fun (which really sucked); I changed my HaloScan comment template; I left tags at Chloe's and Yuenmei's blogs; I visited Ruishan's blog, as well as Mel's blog; I checked my Gmail; I checked my Yahoo! Mail; I logged on to Friendster just for the heck of it (which reminds me, I haven't replied to a message yet); and I made two cups of coffee for myself.

How is caffeine bad for you anyway? At the rate I'm going with my caffeine intake I think I'll drop dead pretty soon.

Earlimart's "All They Ever Do is Talk" is on heavy rotation in my head. I am in love. I need to buy that CD, Trebles and Trembles or something along those lines. Need to hit HMV! I need (and I mean, NEED) the Veronica Mars DVD set and I want that CD and I also want Stereophonics's album whose title I can't remember which has "Have A Nice Day" on it and speaking of which I just found out that "Have A Nice Day" was used in Episode 8 ("Like A Virgin", a Logan-less but entertainingly riveting episode nonetheless, highly hilarious stuff too) which of course I never noticed, and I'd make this very long and convoluted sentence end on a grammatical note, except I'm too lazy to re-read the whole chunk and figure that out. So.


I had this weird-ass dream. I was at this ice-skating type thing which was actually a lake frozen over, supposedly with a bunch of Jurong Junior people (none of my friends were there though), and there were a few other groups of people around too, and the person in-charge told the Jurong Junior people that we shouldn't come into too close contact with other people, and I was standing very close to this guy, and upon hearing what the person in-charge said I tactfully moved away, and the guy was all, "Oh it's okay, you don't have to."


Next thing I remember, I was at this huge-ass mansion. Like, huge-ass, even bigger than Logan's huge-ass mansion. I was there to park while waiting for something else that was supposed to happen, happen, and the Jurong Junior people morphed into Law school people (again, no one I actually know was in the dream), and then I was walking up the stairs exploring the huge mansion, and this blond-hair, blue-eyed guy was behind me, and I was in this room and he was still behind me, and I thought, well, maybe something's gonna happen, and then he opened this metal gate-like door thing which led to another wing of the huge-ass mansion, and he held open the door, and I stepped out, and he closed it behind me while I looked back just in time to see the smirk on his face, and he was all, "Goodbye!"

Pissed off, I decided that I didn't care, or I decided to act like I didn't care, and so I walked some more and came into this other room, distinctively Chinese deco, and picked up an anthology of Chinese poetry. While perusing it Terence Cao (is that his name? Some actor from Mediacorp?) plonked down beside me and asked if I noticed anything different about him. I said, "You're not wearing glasses" and he grinned and told me he went for Lasik surgery.

Hahahaha. Weird.

I hadn't let that blond-haired, blue-eyed guy off the hook, so I thought it'd be hilarious to play a trick on him. So I went back to the room which was his room and told him, all deadpan-ish and stuff, "I've had a crush on you for a very long time." Being the cocky asshole that he was, he snorted and called my bluff, and he warded off my advances (OMG I was advancing?!?!) and finally kicked me out of his room and muttered something about stupid twenty-year-olds getting themselves pregant?!

Weird. That comment was directed at me (apparently I was 20 - how scary) and it made me feel small and stupid.

The funny thing is, I felt like I was half-awake while the dream was unfolding. I came across something about lucid dreaming a few years ago, which I never thought I could do, but this morning's dream certainly felt like it.

That Logan dream I had a while back felt like lucid dreaming too, like I was dictating the direction which the dream would take, my half-awake state of mind calling all the shots. Maybe that's why only a certain part of the whole thing is vivid in my mind.

I don't think that made sense. I only wrote about the dream because I don't have anything else to say.

This is just too funny! In "Hot Dogs":

Trina (Alyson Hanningan, playing Logan's half-sister): I can't get [my boyfriend] off my back.

Logan: Did you try standing up?

Oh, hilarious, my dear Logan boy. He's such a comedian.

One of the Veronica Mars writers studied English at Yale. Another one went to Stanford. That really explains why the show is so brilliant, with scathingly witty and sharp and crisp dialogue and everything that makes it the best television show ever.


I should get a life.

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