i hate exams.
written: 2:33 a.m. on Thursday, Nov. 17, 2005

Oh my god. It's only 2.33 a.m. and already I'm falling asleep in front of my laptop. I'm trying to read that huge chunk of text on the 2003 Jemaah Islamiah case but my brains are not registering the words over which my eyes are passing a quick glance.

I had two cups of coffee. Two cups of coffee!

I think I'm falling asleep because I didn't watch Veronica Mars tonight. Yeah, that has to be it, and my fourth finger on my left hand is feeling electrocuted.

I have quite a bit to say with regard to the SLS readings but I think I'll reserve my comments for the paper itself. I also read something interesting regarding incest but I'll also save that for the exam itself.

Argh. It's Thursday already and I haven't touched TEC's stuff. The whole Private Law business. And that impossible-to-read British Eagle case, some clearing house thing which I briefly bitched about in an entry sometime back.

I am not reading that case.

I am prepared to bomb TEC's section. Until we got to private law regarding body parts I was totally lost.

I can't do commercial law. It makes no sense to me and I'm not engaged even in the most remote sense and so I am not motivated to try to make sense of it.

The icing on the cake is, I don't feel any sense of urgency and I genuinely believe that my half-assed opinions are enough to get me through the exam unscathed and with a decent grade. Self, you're deluded; stop living in your stupid fantasy world, and just wake up and smell the shit.


Veronica Mars-related gabbery that includes spoilers:

In the episode Kanes and Abels (I think) there is this cute Chinese guy named Hamilton Cho who is second in running to become Neptune High's valedictorian. And the amazing thing is that he got an offer from Oxford University despite him working at his father's pizza place 20 hours a day. In the episode his dad screwed up his valedictorian chances by hiring a dubious private eye to harass the girl who's leading the race; in the end the girl's mother demands that Hamilton removes himself from the race and she won't press charges against them.

And guess what he does? He removes himself from the race and totally does not blame his dad.

He is like, such an ideal Chinese guy! I mean, here's someone Chinese who speaks good English (like, duh, he's Chinese American) and is still in touch with his Chinese roots, the whole filial piety thing. I'm aware that filial piety as a virtue is not monopolised by us, but it is a value that we place a lot of emphasis upon, and I find guys who subscribe that value infinitely attractive.

Hamilton Cho. He's smart, he wears earrings (oh so hot), he's Chinese, and he's filial. If it weren't for the fact that he appeared in like one episode and that Logan Echolls exists on the show I'd totally be crushing on him.

Okay stop wasting time, start reading the JI stuff, and then the PDF things I saved from LawNet.

I love my Small Cow. I just wanted to mention that.

Edited to add:

Under Article 4 of the Constitution of Singapore, it says, "This Constitution is the supreme law of the Republic of Singapore and any law enacted by the Legislature after the commencement of this Constitution which is inconsistent with this Constitution shall, to the extent of the inconsistency, be void."

Yeahhh, a law so supreme that it can be altered anytime, anywhere, sometimes looking as though it is a retaliation against the court for ruling against the G's favour.

I should stop saying things like that in a public domain.

But I couldn't resist. When I read that I choked on my water and laughed very loudly.

Edited to add something else:

Look at one of the questions MH asked to accompany the excerpts from the Constitution:

"Does the power of Legislature to amend the Constitution make a mockery of the “supremacy clause” (Article 4)?"

Oh, a man that takes after my own heart. That is my point exactly.

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