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written: 5:05 p.m. on Thursday, Nov. 17, 2005

I hate SLS Module 3 - Private Law.

One day before the freaking paper I find out that I've apparently misplaced my hard copy of Part A of the module. That'd be completely okay, since 99% of my stuff are in this laptop, except that there was an article attached to the hard copy which is not online and it's an introductory article on private law and I have no idea what the distinction is between private law and public law as set out in civil law countries and apparently that's important because I googled "functions of private law" and came up with some New York University school of law article which I didn't fully read, merely jumped to the part that contains the phrase 'cause I'm so freaking lazy and needless to say I DON'T BLOODY UNDERSTAND IT.

It's amazing how I can stay up all night reading MH's stuff and all the long local cases but not TEC's cases. Two sentences later and I'm like, "Fuck lah what the hell is this shit?" I can't even make myself read the highlighted parts!

I am so totally screwed for this Part 3 thing. I can't see the overarching theme, I can't see how the earlier readings relate to the Singapore Legal System, and the mere thought of forcing myself to sludge through Part B of Part 3 is enough to make me wish I were dead.

And of course, wasting time by ranting about how I don't understand Part 3, like, so totally helps.

ARGH IT'S ONE-THIRD OF MY SLS GRADE FUCKING HELL! And SLS is about the only module I care enough about to actually feel compelled to do some studying so as to prevent myself from getting a C. I mean, I'd study for Torts and Contract too, but mainly because I'd feel weird if I have a paper on Friday and I spend my whole week doing nothing. For SLS though, I'm studying because I want to, not because I have to.

Not that it matters anyway because Part 3 is going to fuck up my stupid bloody grade.


And I don't understand what's going on. Oh great. Now I wish I'd paid attention in lectures.


I would also like to express my utter abhorrence for the telephone. It is mankind's worst invention ever. Why? Because I was unceremoniously woken up by the stupid phone ringing incessantly off the hook this morning.

10.30 a.m. to 11.00 a.m. Thirty freaking minutes. I slept at 5.30 this morning for the love of my sanity; can't you give me a freaking break? I need my sleep. I didn't sleep at 5.30 to wake up at bloody 10.30; if I wanted to wake up at 10.30 I would've slept at 10 the previous night!

So the phone outside in the dining room kept ringing and ringing and ringing and it was obvious that whoever was calling was not gonna stop calling unless I pick up the blasted piece of shit, which prompted me to plug in the phone in my room (I unplug it at night to prevent things like that from happening, morons calling early in the morning and disturbing my precious beauty sleep). And guess who it was?

My grandmother.

Argh. How could I have yelled at her? If it were someone else I would've totally let loose and be all, "What the hell is wrong with you? Who the hell keeps calling a person for thirty minutes when no one picks up the freaking phone? DO YOU KNOW THAT I SLEPT AT 5.30 IN THE MORNING YOU RIDICULOUS ASSHOLE?"

My intention was to hang up ASAP and go back to sleep; which happened, kinda. After grandma I subconsciously contemplated getting up (at eleven in the morning what the hell) but quickly dismissed that thought when I found myself succumbing to the comforting warmth of my bed and the nice chill of the air-conditioning.

And just as I fell asleep, THE STUPID PHONE RANG AGAIN.

And I forgot to unplug my phone so I had no choice but to answer.

This time it was someone looking for my mom and I told her, "She's not at home" and the person on the other line went, "I can't hear you."

CHANGE YOUR FREAKING PHONE THEN. She should count herself lucky that I didn't hang up on her.

I have to blame my mom for this too. She left her handphone at home and it was turned off, so all calls to her handphone are diverted to the house phone.

Don't do that to me Mom. Please. Especially when I stayed up till 5.30 reading SLS stuff 'cause I can't study in the afternoon.

Whatever happened to good ol' letter writing that takes a few months to get to your intended recipient, hence reducing interferences with daily life in the form of that annoyingly shrill ring of the telephone which is the last thing a person like me would want to hear first thing in the damn freaking morning?

So, the telephone? Worst. Invention. Ever.

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