pointless entry about television shows. (veronica mars!)
written: 2:18 a.m. on Saturday, Nov. 19, 2005

Oh, Veronica Mars, what would my Friday nights/Saturday mornings be without you? What would my life be without you?

(Okay, I know that this online diary would be a much more enticing read without the show so that I won't get this crazy urge to write incessantly about it after watching a new episode because no one else watches it and so such entries bore everyone to tears, but AH WHO CARES, I am bursting with love for this show because it is brilliant.)

That last scene, the absence of dialogue and that droning, haunting music in the background, was just so intense that I couldn't move for a few seconds after it ended. It was amazing, sent chills all over me, and hell this episode was seriously creepy. The next time the show decides to pull something psychologically disturbing on me, please let me know in advance so that I can watch it in the day instead of at 1 in the freaking morning!

And Logan.

Logan naked under the sheets.

Logan pulling on a pair of bottoms.

I can even ignore the fact that Charisma Carpenter (Kendall) was also naked beside him.

I would totally jump him in a heartbeat. He has the sexiest back ever. (Have I ever mentioned that my favourite male body part is the back? Well, it is.) His physical hotness, plus his knee-jerk snarky comments, plus that vulnerable little boy hiding beneath the facade, make him THE LOVE OF MY LIFE.

Loved the way he blew Kendall off. It was heartless and it was so totally in character, and anyway Kendall is a stupid bitch. Hated the way he un-subtly hinted to Veronica that Duncan may have had sex with Kendall; hated it so much, in fact, that it made me love him even more.

He's behaving like a total asshole; I don't know of anyone who'd do something like that to a guy he calls his best friend.

And that's exactly it. His actions are deplorable because he isn't like normal people, unless the definition of 'normal' suddenly includes having a murderer/killer for a father and a mother who killed herself.

Ah, my beloved show. I love you. So damn much. Especially because of that Veronica at an all-girl sleepover thing with irritating girls pinching their non-existent fats and going, "I am like so totally fat, like!", that LOOK on her face (she expresses so clearly the feelings I experience almost every day in law school), it was so priceless. Until it got all creepy at the end it was one hilarious episode.

I love my social outcast. I love you, Veronica Mars (the character, not the show), and I would totally, totally turn lesbian for you. You're hot and I wish I had your tummy - or rather, the lack of it. And needless to say, I'd kill to have your quick-witted sarcasm and those amazing brains.

You know, if they cancelled this show my life is over. I swear. Is there a way to fast-forward time? I want next Thursday to come and I want it now. How in the world can that boring drone of a TV show called Lost gather so many more viewers than Veronica Mars?

Oh wait, I get it. Intelligent TV shows with an actual plot and real character developments, not to mention witty-as-fuck dialogue, do not appeal to the masses. Why is that?

Oh, I know! It's because people are predictable and so to cater to their predictability they like watching predictable shows with predictable lines and predictable displays of emotion and predictable cliffhangers. Bet you my laptop, with all my precious Veronica Mars episodes in it, that at the end of Season 1 of Lost we're still not gonna know what the fuck's going on with that crazy French woman, the black smoke, even that human-eating monster-ish thing on the island.

Moving on to why Lost sucks. (spoilers)

Lost sucks. It's so unbelievably stupid and pointless and boring. Even the worst episodes of Veronica Mars were more intriguing and engaging than the mediocre Lost episodes and I mean it when I say that I am not watching Season 2. Screw it, I can't be bothered anymore. I don't care for 99% of the characters, one of the two hot guys died, they spend way too much time on Jack and Kate, two of the characters I especially do not care about. They are such cardboard cut-outs! Everything is so cliche. I can tell the exact moment when a character is going to frown; when the camera is going for a close-up on each and every character's face to convey a certain contrived and overdone emotion; and when something disastrous is going to happen, or when someone's gonna get blown up.

So damn obvious. Is this show created by the same dude that gave us Alias?

Well, then again, Alias became pretty stupid after Season 2, far inferior to Season 1. But no matter how dumb Alias gets, it's still tons better than Lost because we have an actual heroine whom we can care about, and really kick-ass action scenes in which Sydney Bristow...kicks ass.

Oh, and there's Sark, and Khai and I know that Sark and Sydney are in love with each other. And that Sark is totally hot. And that Lauren and Sark were totally hot; too bad she died.

(I always thought Melissa George's accent was a bit weird though. It's supposed to be British but it sounds a bit forced.)

Moving on to another TV show that nobody cares about.

So I just downloaded Grey's Anatomy and I love it. The pilot is total Kick Ass. And Doctor Shepherd is SO. TOTALLY. DROOLWORTHILY. HOT.

He looks a bit like Sean Penn (whom I think is uber-yummy) but I can't remember the actor's name. Anyway, I was thinking of med student Celene when I was watching the pilot.

I was also thinking of how it'd be nice to watch a show revolving around lawyers that is not created by David E. Kelly. What I liked about Grey's Anatomy is that it involves med interns just starting out and you get to see their various screw-ups and struggles and it's infinitely interesting because I'm pretty sure that's how it's gonna be for a lot of people. So I didn't catch a single medical term - although the whole one-in-a-million thing made me think of medical negligence tort cases where doctors fail to inform their patients of that miniscule risk of surgeries going wrong - but it was entertaining and riveting all the same.

So, yeah. My pointless entry of the morning.

Have I ever mentioned how my life will definitely end if Veronica Mars got cancelled?

Have I also mentioned that I am in deep luv with Logan, especially shirtless/naked Logan?

Yum yum.

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