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written: 5:42 p.m. on Sunday, Nov. 20, 2005

I feel like the biggest moron in the world. The whole point to buying things off eBay is that you get to buy the same good at a cheaper price; that, or you compromise on the good's super-mint condition and settle for something used once, as long as it's cheaper than Amazon.com's retail price.

Right? That's the main reason people shop on eBay, right?

Well. My other reason for shopping on eBay is that the things I want are not available in this puny country, and that Amazon.com's retail price is exceedingly expensive. So I eBayed "Veronica Mars" and came up with a few DVD sets going for way lower than US$49.99...and I chose to bid on the one with the highest price.

S$67.96. US version, brand-new and sealed; I won't settle for anything less. For me, that was a binding contractual term, and I even did my homework and called up HMV to ask how much their Region 1 DVD box sets are, and the dude on the other line told me that Alias Season 1 is going for S$145.

So I thought, shit, the most I'd spend on VM is about S$90; what a steal! Without further hesitation I placed my bid and felt very pleased with myself...until I went back to the list of items and discovered that there is another brand-new and sealed DVD set going for US$16.

Am I stupid or am I stupid? I'm retarded, thank you.

I was also outbid on this 1-cent Veronica Mars TV soundtrack auction and I am very sad right now. Thankfully Earlimart's an unknown band and so I doubt I'd be outbid on that 1-cent Earlimart CD auction.

Sigh. I think I only have about $500 in my bank account right now. And I don't know how to use PayPal since I've never used it before. Apparently I bought 11 items off eBay in the past - Joaquin Phoenix-related merchandises, that is, and I used to send cash via the mail. Ha.

Having a debit card is pretty useless if you don't have the required funds in your bank account to finance your online shopping urges. How how how I need money how how how Chinese New Year can you arrive sometime between now and the next few seconds?

So on the studying front all I did today was to read four pages of an article on duty of care in negligence given in the huge stack of reading materials. It took me awhile to register what "Anns" referred to.

Am I screwed or what!

I don't exactly have a death wish, but I don't exactly have a strong and unquenchable thirst to survive either. Oh, the follies of us privileged human beings!

Actually, why is incest bad, apart from the whole "because society says it is" thing? I mean, the mere thought of it grosses me out too, but why is that so? I'm bringing this up because I read an article on this interesting condition called Genetic Sexual Attraction while idly googling "incest" after I was bored with reading SLS Part B stuff. The gist of it is that 50% of all blood relatives separated at birth who meet many years later when they are adults find themselves immensely and sexually attracted to each other. The article also includes stories about moms sleeping with sons, daughters sexually attracted to fathers, things along those lines.

Can it be abnormal if the rate of occurrence is 50%? And that figure is confined to the United States alone.

I'm generally okay with cousins dating each other; it doesn't make sense for me not to be. I genuinely didn't know that it's not the most normal thing in the world until I got to primary school and started getting questions about it. Thankfully, I'm past the stage where I get offended when I read things online that go, "Going out with your cousin? Ewww!" or hear comments along those lines in real life, because, you know, there isn't a point in caring about what people have to say, and I also take pride in the fact that I turned out smarter than 99.99% of such narrow-minded people.

So there, nyahahahahaha, so on and so forth.

Anyway, this GSA thing kind of makes some sense. The article mentioned an important factor of familiarity that immediately strikes the individual when reunited with his long-lost blood relative; that struck something in me too, and I could relate. Remember my stupid list of things I want in a guy and how I realised that I was basically describing myself? Isn't ironic that some people spend their whole lives looking for their other half and when they find that other half it turns out that the person is their sister/brother/mother/father?

Without societal pressures bearing down on you everything is basically okay.

Then again, I don't really know what I'm saying right now.

Uh, I'm hungry and I like to eat. I'm craving for NYDC's parmesan cheese pasta. Yum yum.

I'm out of Veronica Mars episodes to re-watch, save for S2E6 and S2E7. How long until I watch Season 1 for the fourth time?

I'll just throw my spending S$90 on an eBayed VM DVD set into that huge and overflowing basket of "signs that you're obsessed with Veronica Mars". Yeah, I'll do just that.

I'm going to brave embarrassment and multiple jaw-drops around the globe that I can't see and confess that I want to watch the new Harry Potter.

On second thought, let me check who the director is first.

Oh shucks, it's not Alfonso Cuaron (sp?); it's some dude by the name of Mike Newell. A quick check on imdb.com and I find out that he directed Mona Lisa Smile (thumbs-down); Pushing Tin (neutral); Four Weddings and a Funeral (huh, is that the Julia Roberts? Thumbs-down); a bunch of TV series/TV movies from the 70's that I've never heard of or care much for (who gives a damn); and other assorted movies that I've never heard of.

imdb.com's mini biography tells me that he attended Cambridge. That's a major plus point!

Okay, so Ruishan said it's so-so, there's Daniel Radcliffe He Who Cannot Act whom I can't stand, the trailer looked good but it's also possible that the best bits are in there already, nobody on the cast list is someone I particularly care for, I've never read the books and don't want to read the books ever; on the other end of the see-saw is the huge and substantially heavy fact that I Don't Have Anything Better To Do and so I will probably watch it anyway, and come back and bitch about how bad it is here.

I think I did mention in this entry a few paragraphs up that I'm retarded.

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