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written: 4:30 p.m. on Wednesday, Jan. 31, 2007

Simon called me Miss Moo! What the heck? That said, I do find it pretty funny and amusing. New nickname - how sweet.

I briefly mentioned to Mag last night that I was going to be late for LCS lecture today. I said it in jest, which figures, because how do you plan to be late for lecture anyway?

As it turned out though, I woke up late today because I was extremely reluctant to pull myself away from the snuggly comfort of my bed, as well as the strangeness of the dream I was having (details already forgot, though). I woke up at 9.15 a.m., took 15 minutes to brush my teeth and wash my face and pop in my contacts, and took another 10 minutes trying on four different tops before deciding on the James Dean shirt. And the James Dean shirt was a VERY last-ditch option. I tried on three polos, none of which looked halfway decent. I have this pink and white striped polo from Zara and it's fucked up shit; it was supposed to be super bright pink and now it's all dull and faded, AND it looks like it's wearing me. That really sucks. I wanted to wear this white sleeveless top I got from Esprit a couple of years back but once again, it looked like it was wearing me.

I really, honestly, desperately need to buy new clothes. My closet is full of clothes that I can't wear anymore 'cause they're all too freaking big, help my sanity and prevent me from dying. Ugh.

Anyway, back to the story. I eventually left the house at like, 9.50 a.m. I wasn't really very late; I think I was ten minutes late. But I'm usually super on time or five minutes late at most - blame this on my mom. She kept nagging at me to hurry this morning when it should be obvious to anyone with half a brain that the reason I wasn't hurrying was because I didn't give enough of a damn to, which logically leads to another conclusion which I shall not verbalise. If you're someone with a quarter of a brain, I'm sure it'd be obvious to you.

So I strolled into the LT from the right door and I scanned the room for my mates. They were at the other side of the room. I strolled to my seat and sat down. Three minutes later, Tris - who sat like one row below me - messaged me: "Morning chao ah lian! All bright and chirpy and ready to smile the world down are we? :)"

Um, what the fuck? I replied something to that effect, and he hit me back with: "You should've seen the way you sauntered in, glanced around dismissively and walked in leisure to your desired spot. Hilarious. :)"

Yeah man, I totally wish I could've seen that, too.

In my defence, I just woke up and I wasn't in the mood for school, let alone sitting in a freezing LT for two hours while my brain cells died one by one, their deaths slow and excruciating. Throughout the lecture Mag, Rui and I were talking on MSN to Kyle, Tris and Boaz, all of whom sat one row down from us. What a great way to relieve the boredom. And it seems like whenever Veronica Mars is mentioned to Kyle, he'd go, "What's your poison?"

"Emotionally unavailable men," I said. Bwahaha. I love Logan. Mag was saying that the MSN conversation lost her, and one of the guys - I'm guessing it was Boaz - went, "You're Lost? I want to be Prison Break. Wait, I think I'd rather be Boston Legal." Rui went, "[Yelen] wants to be Veronica Mars. At least it's grammatically correct." True that. Haha!

I really love Wednesdays though; all I brought to school today were a couple of pens, my wallet, my bottle, my cell phone, my lip balm, my keys, and Julian Barnes' Before She Met Me (which I didn't get the chance to read at all today). I wanted to bring foolscap but I forgot to bring it along with me since I was late and shit.

Well, whatever.

Wanna know something truly mind-blowing? I switched on my laptop before I left for school to download last week's VM episode. It was at 75.5%. It's now 4.52 p.m. and my fucking download is at 81.5%.

I can die now. Seriously. Have I mentioned already how much I hate BT? And I can't watch it on YouTube because the stupid video stops loading halfway through, AND because the quality is shite. I would totally buy the episode from iTunes, except we can't buy things from iTunes in Singapore. I'm pissed. Aren't we supposed to be globalised? Stupid iTunes. I blame Apple for this.

We had lunch at Meldavos after LCS, then gelato at Swirl. I've never tried gelato prior to today (yeah hang me up and leave me to bleed to death). It's apparently non-fat. Which explains why it tasted diluted and bland as compared to regular ice-cream. Still, it was nice though. I had some ferrero rocher-flavoured gelato and I liked it. Mag had this weird lavender honey thing that totally tasted like soap, and she was the only one amongst the six of us that was salivating all over it. Everyone else tasted it and went, "Soap!"

I was super sleepy throughout lunch and gelato, however, and so I didn't talk much. Not that I talk a lot but I talked less today than normal. We were camwhoring on Rui's cellphone though. Or rather, Rui made us all camwhore on her phone, then Maurice joined in with his...or rather, Mag hijacked his phone and used it to take photos of herself. Haha. My T630's camera isn't worth shit and so I didn't even bother. I need a new phone.

This would make a really good starting first sentence to a short story: "Everytime I talk to you, a part of me dies." I would start writing, except I don't have a plot. As usual. Bleah.

Damn lazy to do my tutorial, but I don't wanna bring my laptop tomorrow so I better do it today.

Okay, just received today's camwhoring pictures from Ruishan. Here goes!

Rui making a funny face, as usual.

Oh what a nice picture!

Smiling faces.

Bared-teeth faces.

Squished faces.

Smells like something died. (Not me!)

Maurice and Pet!

This is how I really look. Most unglam, true-to-form picture ever.

With regard to that ugly picture of me, Rui thought I looked like a camel. While sending me the pictures via MSN, she image-googled camels and started sending me the links and yeah, I hate her. Bad, evil Rui.

I so totally don't look like a bloody camel lah. Bloody hell. Boo. I'm upset.

My phone rang just now and I picked up and went, "Hello?" The other person went, "Uh, I think I got the wrong number. I'm supposed to call my auntie. This one [meaning me] sounds more like a Chinese."

HAHAHA. I find that completely hilarious.

(PS. I have Nirvana's "In Bloom" stuck in my head.)

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