omgomgomg my chinese sucks.
written: 9:04 p.m. on Tuesday, Mar. 04, 2008

So I'm currently writing my Chinese assignment and I must say that I'm absolutely dying.

The topic is, loosely translated, "The Type of Lawyer That I Want to Be."

Sounds easy enough, right? It sounds like one of those primary school compositions on My Ambition or What I Want to be When I Grow Up. And you know, it really would be one of those primary school compositions...except this is NUS LAW SCHOOL. And it's Chinese. I have seriously understated how lousy my command of Chinese is when I made all those quips about my bad Chinese. I have written 1163 words, but they are disjointed sentences, phrases, paragraphs, all waiting to be pieced together to form an essay. But that's the problem! I don't know how to piece everything together, BECAUSE MY CHINESE SUCKS!!!


In other news, school wasn't exactly a walk in the park today but at least it wasn't even three-quarters as tiring as I was fearing it would be. Today's presentation for Chinese class was quite amusing - I basically read out a bunch of Chinese words from my group's last two PowerPoint slides, which was quite a feat in itself considering I can't really speak properly. Surprisingly though, I find it easier to speak in Chinese than in English right now - at least, when it comes to pronouncing the words. I don't know how I'm gonna get through the presentation for Comparative Crim on Thursday, but since I need that 15% graded, I'll just have to get through it, somehow.

Above all else, I was very happy to see Rui! I haven't seen her in damn long and as usual she brightened up my day with her presence and all the nice things she said about my appearance haha. I love her!

Being around Lavan and Kelly was great too. I couldn't possibly ask for better presentation group mates! (For Comparative Crim that is.)

Okay, I really have to progress for that shit essay. Before I post this, to 'passerby', thanks for leaving a note. I greatly appreciate it!

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