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written: 6:15 p.m. on Sunday, Nov. 02, 2008

You know, it's so inconvenient and untimely that Roger's back acted up this week in the middle of the Paris tournament, because I could really use some good old Federer Magic to look forward to, especially today. But no, I get Tsonga/Nalbandian instead when it should be Federer/Nalbandian (again). Sure I like Tsonga and I'm quite looking forward to this match, but I'd much rather watch Federer.

Have I mentioned Federer is my soma?

I'm feeling quite shit today for a host of reasons, none of which I'm going to talk about. So I will talk about something else.

Oh my god I can't do my Conflicts assignment. I'm trying to do last year's UN Law exam question but yeah I can't do that either.

I hate school.

Anyway, I wanted to write about the quiz night on Friday but was too tired to, and last night I absolutely wasn't in the mood, so I'll do it now for want of anything else not-private to say.

It was better than expected. NUS Team B (us) placed a sad 9th place out of 11, but hey, at least we won the half-time NUS-SMU Challenge. Would've been sweet to beat them but considering one of the SMU teams got third place (one wonders how, but nevermind)...well, too bad, I guess. I was quite happy they asked something tennis-related for the Sports category 'cause I was the only one at our table that knew the answer. Funny thing was, I didn't really know that the auto-replay challenge system was called Hawkeye; I just remembered reading comments that referred to Roger "using Hawkeye" in some of his match threads on his forum and guessed that maybe it's called Hawkeye. All along I thought Hawkeye was the informal name that fans used to refer to the challenge system, but it turned out that the challenge system is actually called Hawkeye.

I discovered, too, that I have a mildly photographic memory. I was mentally anticipating the questions that they might ask because I'm a dork like that, and for the life me I couldn't remember how many consecutive weeks Roger was #1. I knew it was 200-something, that it was about 4 years and a half; at first I thought it was 248. But then, it seemed way too round a number so it had to be wrong. I was raking my brains, going through all the stuff on him that I've read, then suddenly, I saw it: 237.

Came home, checked Wiki, and I was right.

You know, the same thing happened when I tried logging on to LINC to reserve a book: I temporarily forgot my PIN number. I never changed the one that they gave us upon matriculation 'cause it was too much of a hassle, and after a while I remembered it so I didn't see the point. But in that moment, I completely forgot what my PIN was. I remembered the digits that made up my PIN, but not the order in which the digits were placed. Frustrated, I took a pee break, and while in the toilet, my PIN suddenly came back to me. I haven't forgotten it since.

It's too bad that I don't have a completely photographic memory; otherwise, I really wouldn't need to work too hard for the exams.

On another note, I've discovered I really love tennis! Even when Roger's not playing I can sit in front of the TV and watch a match and feel happy, or at least, happier. StarSports, for some reason, chose to replay the quarter-final matches instead of showing the live semi-final matches and I got to watch the last bit of Nalbandian/Murray and the second set of Tsonga/Roddick. Murray was damn poor thing, and Tsonga was just unstoppable. I still hate the way Roddick serves, but I must say I was quite impressed with what little I saw of the first set of that match. I think he should stop wearing his fugly cap because he's really quite cute, and that cap makes him look ugly. In fact, he should fire Lacoste; the way they dress him makes him look stumpy and tubby and sloppy. I mean, yeah, he's definitely tubby, but he doesn't have to look tubby, you know?

Oh well. Roddick qualified for Shanghai! Should be interesting. I kind of hope Nalby wins tonight over Tsonga so that I can see more Nalby (whoever wins will qualify for Shanghai). I do enjoy Tsonga, but for some reason I'm favouring Nalbandian over him. If I could choose though, I'd get rid of Del Potro and Davydenko and let Tsonga, Nalby and Gilles Simon play in Shanghai.

Then again, I'd get rid of Nadal first. On second thought, apparently he's too injured to play or some shit so he might not show up. Whatever. Amazing how he was still playing doubles in Paris AND Madrid despite his injury, yeah?

I really, really hope Roger finally wins his first French Open next year. He needs to take revenge for Wimbledon - now that Nadal has successfully stolen his Grass Title from him, he needs to take Nadal's Clay Title to even things out, then get back his rightful Wimbledon crown.

I think Nadal's not going to stay #1 for long. It seems like the minute his opponent sends him running up and down the baseline, he loses control of the game. He's not just a very complete player at all, not like the way Roger is. Not only that - he hasn't won anything since becoming #1, while Roger has won himself two more titles since becoming #2, including the US Open. And if his back hadn't acted up this week, I'm pretty sure he would win Paris tonight. And we all know that the only reason Roger struggled this year was because of glandular fever, which has mostly cleared up.

2009 is going to be interesting. First, I can't wait for next week when the top 8 players will compete. How exciting!

Okay I need to do work bleah.

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