I'm so sad.
written: 10:36 p.m. on Monday, Nov. 03, 2008

Once again, I just got back from tennis. The one thing that I definitely took away from today's class has absolutely nothing to do with tennis. The one thing that I took away from today's class is this: The coach loves making fun of me.

OMG I'M SO DEPRESSED. He kept imitating my movements, like some random lifted leg after attempting a serve, and when he was demonstrating a volley he inexplicably picked on me again to be the demonstrator, just because...well, I don't even know why! My friend couldn't stop laughing at me; she said it was funny to watch - which I'm sure it is, but it wasn't funny for me!

Okay, so it was pretty amusing. But still!

Anyway, I'm pleased to announce that my forehand is still tragic as hell. What else is new, right? I have no idea what the F I'm doing when I'm serving, and the only shot that's halfway working for me, when I'm concentrating really hard, is the backhand. One of my backhands almost hit the coach right in the face - it was soooo powerful and fast! Hahahaha. But that was definitely a fluke; the next one didn't even make it over the net.

The part of my thumb that I grip the racquet with is burning a bit. That really sucks.

On a slightly unrelated note, ever since the coach found out I'm a law student he's been making digs at my severe lack of athleticism and going off about how it's because I study too much (we all know how patently and absolutely untrue that is. Unless you count watching tennis pretty much 24/7 studying - I'm studying tennis! And drooling over Fed at the same time. SIIIIGH). Today, after talking to me about studying and whatever else, he said that I can't be a prosecutor because I'm too soft-hearted.

Well, apart from how I never ever wanted to be a prosecutor anyway, the soft-hearted thing is so true. It was the fundamental reason why I originally wanted to go into criminal defence (but um, apparently not anymore. I don't even know why if I'm being honest). I put up the toughest, the hardest defences around myself but it doesn't mean I'm heartless; on the contrary, it only means that I'm anything but. And it's because I'm anything but that I got burnt a bit too much for comfort - hence the defences.

Then again, I'd be lying if I said I'm not capable of being quite cruel and callous too. But just because I can be something, doesn't mean that I am that something.

I don't know, just a thought. I'm very tired and my arms are aching so typing is difficult and the brain is half-dead. Speaking of my half-dead brain, I am so irritated with Conflicts and I swear I'm going to die. Die die die. I CAN'T WAIT FOR THIS STUPID SEMESTER TO END.

On another note, I love this article about Nalby. I need to watch that Nalbandian/Murray match! I rewatched the first five games of the Federer/Nalbandian Basel final and the quality of the tennis they both produced was just magnificent. Too bad Roger was completely on fire that day; Nalby didn't have much chance to yank Roger around.

Also, I just realised that Shanghai is NEXT WEEK and not this week. I'M SO SAD. I'm totally in tennis withdrawal now. ARGH. And Davis Cup is end of the month and it's showing on SuperSports!!! OMG NALBY FOR THE WIN!!!!111 (Um, Argentina. Right. Whatever. NALBY!!!!!!!!!!!)

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