written: 12:24 a.m. on Friday, Jan. 02, 2009


Okay, I didn't clean out the drawers and only half-cleared some of them, but the table is nearly empty, the floor does not have ten million piles of notes strewn all over it, I can walk around my room without feeling like I'm competing in hurdles, and it's significantly more dust-free than before! I suspect the skin condition is an allergic reaction to dust, which just goes to show how unspeakably dusty my room was. I got tired after six hours of cleaning so I didn't touch the small bedside cabinet upon which I place my perfumes and facial cleansers and other things along those lines...but Chinese New Year is coming, so I'll have another opportunity to clean.

Eh I hate cleaning. I think it's high time we hired a maid. After two hours, I ran out and told my mom, "I want a maid." It's terrible, and the only reason my nose didn't fall off from inhaling all the disgusting dust was because I was wearing a mask (that fogged up my glasses when I breathed and it was sooo annoying).

Right, my dad's turning off the Internet so I'm going to post this.

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