(Qatar Open 2009) OMFG.
written: 12:12 a.m. on Friday, Jan. 09, 2009


Gael Monfils, you're my favourite from the other half of the draw to reach the final! Go kick Roddick's ass! You can play "who can serve more aces" tomorrow. EXCITING!

Okay, shan't gloat too much in case I jinx my darling. I'm soooo glad Monfils finished what he started in two sets, so that Roger can get on court ASAP.

Poor Nadal! Still no wins since becoming #1. Time he adjudicates in favour of the real #1. BWAHAHAHA.

Anyway, I haven't watched the second set of Roger's match against Seppi, but from what I saw of the first, what struck me immediately was, "Eh Roger's totally experimenting." His game was neither aggressive attack like it was previously, nor was it simply a boring defensive baseline. I thought I was just being a stupid Roger fangirl, until I went to his site and saw that I wasn't the only person who thought so.

Of course, his site is also full of stupid Roger fangirls, but not all of them are and some actually make sense and seem to know a thing or two about the sport. He still won it 6-3, 6-3, so even if his tennis wasn't perfect, it doesn't matter as long as he wins, as long as he switches it on for the big matches. Yay!

Oh my gad can't wait to watch him later!


Other news: Fucking read only two fucking pages of the stuff for tomorrow's class ARGHHH.

Bought a pair of shoes from Far East for $10! Gave me blisters though. Boo.

Bought a couple more items from Mango that I didn't need just because they looked decent - only decent - and were quite cheap. WTF. Still haven't found a dress for Chinese New Year. This is absolutely catastrophic.

Lastly, suddenly don't know if I should take the Legal Aspects of Celebrity course or a non-law. ARGH. HELP.

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