A fruitful tennis session.
written: 12:01 a.m. on Sunday, Jan. 11, 2009

Crap, Roddick got broken and Murray consolidated the break. What a waste of my time.

Roddick, win this for Roger! I know he pretty much destroyed your tennis career, but like you said, you can't find it in yourself to hate him because he's such a nice guy. Win it for him!

Ugh I'm so sad. I was really hoping to watch them play again. At this rate I'd rather Roger play Nadal than Murray.

Anyway, what I really wanted to say was: Baoyue, Justin and I played tennis at KR for two hours and it was great! I didn't entirely spend the two hours picking up balls and I didn't even get tired to the extent of being utterly unable to continue after 30 minutes! I finally figured out the underhand serve and most of my balls made it over the net. And before Baoyue and Justin arrived, some dude invited himself to play with me, and the first shot I hit of the day was a fucking perfect backhand.

Of course, I soon discovered, much to my chagrin, that my feet get tangled up into this huge knot whenever I prep myself to hit the backhand. Baoyue pointed out to me that I wasn't turning my body to the left to hit it, which was why it kept going out of whack. She was absolutely right, and after that I got all stressed trying to get my right foot in front of my left that I missed more than I hit.

Also, I attempted to smash/volley - don't really know what I was doing - and every single time, I dumped the ball right into the net, almost like how Roger did on match point yesterday. Of all the things I learn from him, I had to pick up that? It was quite shit.

The forehand wasn't as tragic as before as time went on. It's perhaps easier to hit one on the move, but nevertheless, the usual problem of me scooping the ball upwards, which then makes it fly really fucking high and out of bounds, instead of keeping the racquet closed and brushing it across the net, kept occurring, to the point that Justin pointed it out to me. I dare say, though, that the Tragic Forehand was maybe 0.001% better than it was a month ago. Still, I think the arm is still crooked at the elbow. Same for the backhand.

I'm going to wake up with an aching body tomorrow, especially an aching right arm. IT'S SO WORTH IT.

We - namely, Baoyue and I - kept hitting balls to the adjacent court on which two skilled old men were playing. I think they got quite annoyed with us after a while hahaha.

Okay, I must support Roddick! And I've nothing else to say anyway.

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