written: 10:09 p.m. on Friday, Jan. 23, 2009

1. Star Sports is Epic Fail

One would think that Roger Federer vs. Marat Safin in Round 3 of the Australian Open should take precedence over all other matches. Marat Safin was the same guy who knocked Roger out of the Australian Open at the semi-final stage back in 2005, and unlike all the top 4 players' match-ups so far, Safin has two Grand Slams under his belt and used to be World #1.

But guess what I found out when I called home to know what's going on during the Intelligence Law break? Star Sports decided its viewers cared more about Ana Ivanovic than Roger Federer vs. Marat Safin.

ARE YOU KIDDING ME? Effectively I get to see the second half of the match, because apparently people are more interested in Ana Ivanovic.

Okay, so she lost and everything and yeah, huge upset and shit, since she was #1 for like a few weeks and won the French last year (and lost in the first round of the US Open). But helloooo FOR FUCK'S SAKE I'm sure Roger Federer >>>>> Ana Ivanovic. No, make that Roger Federer vs. Marat Safin >>>>>>>>>> Ana Ivanovic.

ARGH I HATE STAR SPORTS. Now I have to find a way to download the whole match.

On the bright side, I wanted to proclaim my prediction but I resisted the urge just in case I jinxed it, but: I ABSOLUTELY KNEW THAT HE'D WIN IN STRAIGHT SETS. So here's a huge LOL and FUCK YOU to all the idiots who were betting on Marat to win, or Roger to win in four, or Roger to win in five.

Did they honestly think a man gunning to break the Sampras record would not defend his quest jealously? HA HA HA HA HA HA HA.

Also, I just know that there was a reason I wasn't worried at all when the draw was out and it transpired that Marat Safin was possibly going to be his third round opponent. Sorry Marat, your time is up.

2. Add/Drop Debacle

Okay. Tell me if this isn't complete fuckery:

I checked my add/drop results on Mag's laptop during the break, expecting to see Land, Law and Development in Asia as my sixth module. I expected to see only that module because I wrote down only that module on my 'add' form.

Instead, and to my absolute horror, I saw this: "Topics in Entertainment Law: Legal Aspects of Celebrity."

I actually doubted for a few seconds whether I somehow decided to add Celebrity instead of Land, because I was deciding between the two. But for fuck's sake, I KNOW that I eventually decided to add Land, and I KNOW that I wrote down Land on the form because I remember asking Eugene Nai if I could only write down one choice and he was all, "Sure if you're sure you can get it." To that I said, "Yeah, there are 30 over slots."


Mag came up with the conclusion that I either wrote the wrong module code, or more likely, I wrote the correct module code, but they misread it because my handwriting is atrocious. The difference in the module codes for the two module is a 4 and a 7, both of which can look similar if you cross your 7.

But omfg, I don't cross my '7's, WTF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I'M SO IRRITATED. I'm not going to take Celebrity! I know Chloe and Tris are taking it so it wouldn't be the end of the world if I end up stuck with it, but the Land paper is so much easier to write, and I want easy-peasy modules to get easy-peasy decent grades.

Best part? It's Chinese New Year next week. And Land resumes on Thursday, which means I won't get my materials, and I won't get this mess sorted out until Wednesday...except my brother's going to Tekong on Wednesday and I'm tagging along.





Okay. Will cheer myself up by watching the match now.

That is, HALF OF IT.

Fucking hate Star Sports!

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