(Australian Open 2009) OMG SERIOUSLY.
written: 5:38 p.m. on Tuesday, Jan. 27, 2009

Watching the Dinara Safina/Jelena Dokic match is truly a great test of my patience. When Dinara didn't convert a single one of her five break points in the third game of the second set, I almost threw in the towel and gave up watching completely. Then she was up 0-40 immediately after she held serve and converted none.

THANKFULLY she converted the break point Dokic handed to her on a plate and now they're back on serve.




I can't believe she let Dokic break her back. WHAT THE HELL IS SHE DOING. She's playing so defensively today that I totally don't recognise the Safina that fought back from 2-5 down in the final set to win. Where's the aggression that she displayed in that match? Is she waiting to be pushed into the same corner before she wakes up and takes control? She's letting Dokic push her around and it's really pissing me off! This is like Roger vs. Berdych in the first two sets.

She better wake up. Finish this in two; Roger's waiting to take the court and I don't want him to play past 2 a.m.!


ETA at 5.51 p.m.:

OMG thank goodness she broke back. Maybe she really only turns on her fight when she's backed into a corner. She better hold her serve or I'll get REALLY annoyed with this stupid see-saw match.


ETA at 5.57 p.m.:

I seriously can't believe what I'm watching. She breaks back, and while serving to even the set, she eventually gave back the break via a double fault. Not only did she gave back the break - she gave Dokic the set.

This is PRECISELY why I don't watch women's tennis. It's fucking ridiculous. The huge disparity in the standard and quality of play between men's and women's tennis is just unfathomable. I don't even mean to be sexist; I'm just telling it as it is. It's disgusting. All the double faults - I swear, the number of double faults that each player has served in this match massively outnumbers the total number of double faults Roger has served, like, this year. Not even in the AO, but THIS YEAR.

UGH. Fucking hell, I don't care who wins anymore. Just get off the damn court and let Roger win his next match. I'm itching to see some real tennis.


ETA at 6.15 p.m.:

Okay, I take that back. I still want Dinara to win. I really hope she steps it up and holds serve and stops serving double faults, even if it's simply because ROGER IS WAITING TO PLAY and I DON'T WANT HIM TO PLAY PAST 2 A.M. Think of your brother's friend Dinara! Finish off the bitch NOW!


ETA at 6.23 p.m.:

Okay Dinara hasn't got broken back. Yet.

In other news, Andy Roddick is through to the semi's which means a smooth-sailing ride to the final for Roger (who's of course going to win tonight). Novak Djokovic retired after he was down two sets to one and down a break in the third. No idea what he suffered from. Maybe it was bird flu.

(The bird flu thing was a dig Roddick made at Djokovic at last year's US Open, after Djokovic took ten million medical time-outs during his matches and complained of ten million illnesses. I'm pretty sure he only retired today because he was losing. What a loser.)


ETA at 6.46 p.m.:

Safina got broken back but she just broke right back and now she's serving for the match. HURRY WIN WIN NOW NOW I'M WAITING FOR ROGER! And I want Safina to win too!


ETA at 6.58 p.m.:

OMG Dinara FINALLY won, saving two break points in the process! About time! And I loved how cute she was during the interview, apologising to the HORRIBLE Australian crowd for beating the Australian player. That's pretty classy. If I were her, I wouldn't forget how the crowd was chanting "out! out! out!" when Dinara challenged one of her calls, and how they cheered when Dinara's serve found the net.

Oh well, I'm glad she won. Now it's ROGER TIME!

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