Kit-Kat Chunky.
written: 9:42 p.m. on Sunday, Oct. 11, 2009

For the longest time I couldn't decide which was worse: Conveyancing or Commercial Practice. After glancing at this week's Conveyancing assignment, however, I have reached the comfortable conclusion that Conveyancing totally emerges top in the competition to find the Most Annoying and Retarded PLC Module in the History of Ever.

Basically, it's this: FUCKING HELL WHAT THE FUCK THEY NEED TO UPDATE THEIR SLLYABUS. Because, seriously, no one is going to be a conveyancing lawyer if they can help it. The whole sunset industry thing? Everyone knows this. So why the hell is Conveyancing still a substantive module in itself? I'm sorry but it doesn't make any sense to me, and neither do the assignments that we're made to do.

Ugh. The previous one where I had to calculate some completion account thing? OMFG. That is all.


Someone's reading this diary pretty thoroughly. This inquiring mind would like to know who it is. :)

Still, I must say I do read diaries anonymously too. More often than not I'm too lazy to leave comments. I only comment on two blogs regularly - Rui's and Mag's. And I don't even comment that regularly, so it's quite clear how irregularly I leave comments on blogs.

Having said that, though, nothing irritates me more than anonymous comments. I'd rather you don't comment at all if you're gonna sign off as "Anonymous" - especially if you leave me some WTF comment that looks contentious and resemble fighting words, but I can't tell 'cause it's vague and I have no idea who the person is. If the comment is nice, it's still acceptable; but if it's not...

Of course, that begs the question of why a person leaving a hostile comment would want to identify himself. That is true, as it is the nature of human beings to be quite cowardly.

Don't get me wrong - I'm certainly not passing judgement. For all my moral pedestal crap, I'm quite cowardly too at times when it comes to telling the truth. Things that I sometimes feel like I HAVE to admit to someone I love never see the light of day because I'm too scared, and I can't deal with the consequences, and I'm not sure whatever limited carthasis I may or may not derive from the confession is worth the effort of dealing with the consequences. So it goes on, like this, for a while longer, hopefully until the day when saying it wouldn't make a difference anymore.


On a completely different note, tennis isn't nearly as awesome to watch without Roger Federer. He needs to get back on tour ASAP. I'm so sad he withdrew from Tokyo and Shanghai. His next tournament is Basel and that's in November.

This is really funny, as are the anti-Fed comments that followed. Whatever. I particularly loved these:

"Roger Federer doesn't break records, the records break themselves out of fear."

Roger Federer can win Wimbledon with a saucepan.

Roger Federer had only one rival - history... and history lost.

Roger Federer decided to drop down to #2 for a year because he had too many year-end #1 trophies lying around and needed time to reorganize and make room.

"Roger Federer once played a tournament on tennis courts made of water, and won because none of his opponents could walk on water"

"The Swiss don't need an army, they have Roger Federer."

"If Federer returned his prize money there would no recession." (LOLOL)

"As a courtesy to his opponent when the referee says "Match Federer" he asks him to wait until the match is over." (HAHAHAHAHAHA!)

Roger Federer gave himself mono in 2008 just to level the playing field.

If you have one point and Roger Federer has one point, Roger Federer has more points than you.

Federer is really left handed.

I miss Roger. ATP tournaments just aren't the same without him.

And it seems like anyone can beat Nadal nowadays (see: Cilic d. Nadal 6-1, 6-3 at China Open SF), so yay, can't wait for Roger to beat him again!


I am craving for a Kit-Kat Chunky (my favourite chocolate, by the way) but I'm afraid to eat because I've been eating and eating and not exercising.

Last night at Tony Roma's I was torn between whether or not to order this chocolate cake with ice-cream thing. I tried really hard to resist, but Wei Chuen insisted that I should order it, and even when I said I didn't want to, I actually really wanted to.

Okay, so it turned out he was right, but BLEAHHHH. If I'm gonna be eating so much, I better make sure I exercise the same amount, if not more. I asked Wei Chuen to tell me when I'm getting fat, and he was all, "I wouldn't know. You always look the same to me." (He meant it in a good way.)

SO HELPFUL HOR. But he's forgiven because, when I asked him if I looked nice in my random black dress I bought online (because I do things like that to people I'm extremely comfortable with. My parents get it all the time. Now he's getting it sometimes too), he said, "You always look pretty to me."

(Wait, can't remember if that was in response to me asking if the dress was nice or if my hair was nice. Yeah I'm such a girl. It's damn gross.)

To that I responded, "Aww so sweet!"

He said, "Sweet. But useless."

He's so sweet. And he's doubly forgiven for making me fat and then saying he wouldn't notice whether I'm putting on weight or not because he's SO cute when he pouts. The second he sticks out his bottom lip, I just want to hug him tight and not let go.

I picked a stupid fight with him like an hour before his test on Friday, simply because I had a Girl Moment and was irrationally jealous of something he did for an ex-girlfriend (when they hadn't broken up). What was really horrible about it was that I expected him to read my mind and got upset when he didn't. In such moments I can't help but be reminded of The Break-Up, where Jennifer Aniston cries to Vince Vaughn that she doesn't want him to take her to the opera because he thinks she wants him to, but because he wants to. Something like this:

Gary: Why didn't you just say that to me?

Brooke: I tried. I've tried.

Gary: Never like that, you might have said some things that meant to imply that, but I'm not a mind reader...

I tend to forget that; I'm sorry. And I need to stop being a bitch to him before I drive him away. Because, somehow, everything feels better when he's holding me close.

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