Haha Serena Williams is stupid.
written: 4:57 p.m. on Sunday, Nov. 01, 2009

Serena Williams on Andre Agassi's recent revelation that he tested positive for taking crystal meth and lied to the ATP about it:

"I donít even know what crystal meth is, so, you know, that's what my reaction to it is. I haven't read anything about Andre Agassi's book. All I know is that I have a book coming out."

I love Serena Williams. Not.

Speaking of whom, the WTA Championships final is yet another Williams vs. Williams. For fuck's sake, can this stop already? Poor Caroline Wozniacki had to retire her SF due to her injury; props to her for lasting so long though.

I think Serena and Venus are amazing tennis players, but watching them is just so boring. Especially Serena. I suppose this is how some people feel about watch Roger matches: the match is one-sided, the victor is obvious even before the match starts, and there's no excitement because one player is utterly dominant and there's just no fun in watching the dominant player demolish the weaker one.

But the difference between Serena and Roger is that Roger plays tennis beautifully. Serena doesn't. Roger's elegant tennis per se is a good enough reason for me to watch his matches, and it's precisely what got me so interested in tennis in the first place. Serena looks like an elephant holding a tennis racquet on court, especially on clay (I'm amazed she won the French Open). If she weren't so good, one would truly wonder what the hell she's doing on a tennis court.

Anyway, the most awesome Roger news of late is the announcement that he's gonna endorse Lindt chocolates. As if I needed another resaon to love chocolates. I can't wait till tomorrow, when Basel starts. OMG ROGER ON TV AGAIN!1!!!11!!!!!11!1! It's about time!


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