Yes, I'm bored.
written: 4:45 p.m. on Saturday, Nov. 14, 2009

Okay something funny:

Last night at the airport, my brother and I were with our parents who were throwing a hissy fit over the seats that they were assigned. It was a Very Serious Moment.

Out of nowhere, this big lady wearing this garish-looking tie-dyed slouchy dress lumbered up behind us. She was talking damn loudly on the phone. She said, and I quote, "Hello? Wo zai da bian. 20 fen zhong hou da gei ni!"

(Translation: "Hello? I'm shitting now. I'll call you back in 20 minutes!")

Brother and I cracked up. As in, CRACKED UP.

WTF, wo zai da bian? Putting aside the fact that she was clearly not, even if she were, who the hell announces such things to the poor unsuspecting soul on the other line? Damn gross. DAMN GROSS.

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