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written: 2:15 a.m. on Sunday, Nov. 15, 2009

On a brighter note, during tennis yesterday I hit this incredible half-volley backhand winner from the baseline and the kicker is that I really knew what I was doing. NUS Wall Guy hit some defensive shot to my left side; I ran to my backhand side early, prepared to take the ball on the rise, and then half-volleyed it perfectly cross-court for a winner.

It was AWESOME AWESOME AWESOME. I love doing this half-volley thing; it's so fun! And since I can't do a proper punch volley, I'd settle for a half-volley.

I tried to hit a winner mid-court though, or slightly more than mid-court, like somewhere near the service line. Tried to hit it the way I always see players hit it when they receive a short ball somewhere near there. I tried, and it went out. I was very confused. NUS Wall Guy my ball didn't have enough spin.

I can't get the damn spin on the backhand. It is so hard. It is so much easier to just slap the ball - but of course, when I do that the ball goes out.

Oh and I hit a smash right at NUS Wall Guy's feet. Hahahahaha. Poor him. But omg a smash!?!?!?!


Drowsy from cough medicine. I think I'm gonna pay YET ANOTHER fucking visit to the doctor. This is getting fucking ridiculous.



I'm sad Monfils eventually beat Stepanek. Wanted Stepanek to win; I can't stand Monfils.

Djoker for the win!

Hope Roger wins at least 1 match in London so that he can be the year-end #1.

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