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written: 9:11 p.m. on Thursday, Nov. 19, 2009

In my humble opinion, Tong Wei Chuen is the best boyfriend ever.


My second-latest Facebook status update: "I love my wonderful boyfriend." Jasmin, evidently not studying (like me), started asking who he is. When I said "ok it's Tong", she PMed me, "some fascination with the name or what?"

Nope, not the first time I'm hearing this. BUT I will have everyone know RIGHT NOW that when I first met the second one and was told his surname, the first person I thought of was the Tong that I knew in JC. SO THERE.

Okay, not sure what that proves exactly but yup.


Seriously have to study. Just want to say that Wei Chuen was incredibly sweet, spending the night with me then half of today just because I was scared of some movie, even though he has an exam tomorrow.

I'm still scared actually. He's coming over after his exam to see me.

He didn't sleep very well because my bed is too small for two people and he has trouble sleeping in a new environment. I didn't sleep very well too 'cause I wasn't used to sleeping with someone else on the same bed, in such close proximity.

But it was nice. It was more than nice. It felt peaceful and sweet to wake up next to him.

I love him very much.


In tennis news, Roger's playing Murray, Del Pot and Verdasco in the Round Robin stage of the World Tour Finals, a.k.a. WTF.

Sorry, whenever I see ATP WTF, I think, "ATP What The Fuck." Seriously, WTF. What was wrong with Tennis Masters Cup? Talk about fixing something that ain't broke.




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