Omg tennis!
written: 10:52 p.m. on Sunday, Dec. 20, 2009

Tennis yesterday was great! NUS Wall Guy finally taught me how to slice and it was GREAT!! I was very pleased with my new toy and I tried it out every chance I got.

Needless to say I failed more times than I succeeded but it was still something! And I hit a couple of forehand slices ALL BY MYSELF without needing NUS Wall Guy to demonstrate!

And one time my body actually listened to the instruction that my head gave it! Saw an opening for a forehand down the line and my head went, "DOWN THE LINE!!!" and it really happened! OMG!

Tennis makes me ridiculously happy. That's conditional upon me playing well, however; if I play badly I'd just get pretty annoyed and it wouldn't do anything to improve my bad mood. But yesterday was awesome! I was in a shit mood but it made me happy! OMG!

Gotta say though - hardest shot ever is the fucking volley. I hit my own fucking eye yesterday trying to volley. It would've been kinda embarrassing if I care about such things, but I don't, so it was just painful. The slice is even easier than the damn volley. The SERVE is easier than the volley. The main problem is that I have no strength in my wrist so I can't hold the bloody racquet firmly, and the sutpid racquet is so heavy that I can't hold it up above my wrist for longer than 3 seconds before it tires me out. And my racquet is actually LIGHT! I held Thx U's racquet - which is the Federer Racquet - once and was shocked by how heavy it was.

Every time I try to volley I'd just run away laughing, because it's hilarious. I slice better than I volley and I can't even really slice - many times yesterday I unintentionally hit drop shots because the attempted slice was just wrong. But omg, at least the ball bounced the way it should when it landed. At least SOMETHING happened with the ball. I can't even begin to describe how tragic my attempts to volley are. UGH.

But anyway, I LOVE TENNIS!


OMG, I'm so glad it's Christmas this week. I'M SO GLAD.

And - I love my boyfriend.


Bloody tired and need to wash clothes and shower. Sigh. Why is it Monday again?

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