written: 9:59 p.m. on Saturday, Jan. 30, 2010

I totally wish it were my birthday right now 'cause I really want this. SIGH!

The most exciting thing in my life right now is the Australian Open. Roger's all Mr Sunday again and I predict that he's going to win his 16th Grand Slam tomorrow, and he's going to do it in four sets. I hope he'd beat Murray in 3 sets 'cause I wanna go out with my boyfriend but well, I think it's going to four. I think he's going to win the first, drop the second, then win the third and the fourth.

The Australian Open website has this "scribe" that writes his "fearless forecast" every day of all the matches that are taking place on the said day. For Roger's semi-final match, he predicted this: Federer in four.

When I saw that Tsonga beat Djokovic in five to meet Roger in the semi, I just KNEW that Roger was going to win in straight sets. There absolutely no doubt whatsoever in my mind that he wasn't going to drop a set. Of course, I didn't know what an absolute demolition he'd make of the match - he didn't face a single break point and he thrashed Tsonga, the 10th seed, 6-2, 6-3, 6-2 - but I knew he'd win in three.

My point, basically, is this: I should just quit my job now and write these useless prediction articles for the Australian Open website, right? I know. Totally.

Anyway, I haven't watched Murray the whole tournament except like two rallies from his match with Nadal (wasn't interested enough to even watch the highlights after Nadal frigging retired) but er, I don't think he's got anything to hurt Roger with. The last time they played Roger won in straight sets. The times that Murray won Roger had issues with his back/his head/whatever else. When Roger's playing his best tennis, no one in the world can even dream of beating him, 'cause it's just not possible - and this is a fact. He made Tsonga look like some recreational player yesterday, and Tsonga is anything but. And call me biased if you must, but Murray totally lucked out with Marin Cilic choking away his semi-final match. I mean, really. Cilic had the weapons to take him out and reprise their US Open 09 match, but alas, it was not to be. I'd sleep easier tonight if Cilic were in the final (he'd have 0 chance against Roger), but I'm still confident Roger's going to win. Murray doesn't hit as hard as Del Pot; he's not as tall as Pot so he can't hit forehands as flat as Del Pot's, which were what gave Roger a lot of trouble at the US Open final last year. The only thing Murray has going for him is his excellent retrieving skills, which are likely to annoy the shit out of Roger.

But if he comes out as GodFed, no retriever is going to trouble him. If he plays tomorrow like he did against Lleyton and Jo, he's going to win. He might even win in three. He's got nothing to lose - nothing more to prove, obviously doesn't need the money, and this title is just another one to add to his collection. On the other hand, Murray's been under pressure for the longest time by the British press to win a Slam, and to date he hasn't. This is only his second GS final. In terms of mental pressure, Murray's got his work cut out for him.

I hope GodFed shows up tomorrow and not some imposter. Roger can lose his GS finals, but he can never lose them to Andy Murray, no way.

Having said all that, I'm gonna be watching with my heart in my throat all the same. My memories of last year's Australian Open final are still rather fresh and I don't want that to happen again, especially not this year. I'd take him losing to Nadal over losing to Murray ANY TIME ANY DAY, thank you.


Anyway, tennis with Ben today was fun. Tennis with Wei Chuen Thursday night at my other condo was fun too. We went to float around in the pool after that and it was FREEZING COLD.

I am muchly pleased with the awesome forehand slice I hit today. Also hit one on Thursday. But I've decided that the fake grass court at my other condo sucks; it makes ball bounce all weird and gets me all out of sorts. Me no likey.

I am sick of this entry. I don't feel like writing anymore. I am tired.


Lastly, I am very pleased with Google for finally putting a stop to China's internet censorship bullshit. That is all.

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