Many pictures and a stupid dilemma.
written: 9:23 p.m. on Monday, Feb. 01, 2010



So exhausted right now, so much so that I don't have the energy to form coherent, grammatically-sound sentences in my head.

Therefore, pictures!

Last night at Ah Mei Rail Mall, post-Australian Open final:

A month or so back when he met me after work for dinner at Tony's:

Totally posting a picture of myself in specs because 1) he thinks I look good; and therefore, 2) I don't give a shit anymore. 'Sides, I've been wearing specs in the office after 8 p.m. anyway so it does not make a difference.

Lastly, the obligatory picture with the Ion Christmas tree that I finally got from his phone:


Very tired. In the midst of changing layout and getting a new, functioning comments system. Haloscan really screwed me over.


Okay, layout's been changed and all and I re-installed Haloscan's comments script.

The good news is, it still works like before - it ignores Diaryland's default index page and lets people post comments on the individual entry itself, not the fucking index page (like two other systems I tried).

The bad news is, it costs US$12 a year.

The question is: SHOULD I PAY?

Or should I just subscribe to Diaryland's whatever super gold member thing and get their comments thing?

Or even better: DOES ANYONE KNOW WHERE I CAN FIND A REPLACEMENT FOR HALOSCAN? I need a system that bypasses the index page and recognises the individual URL of each new entry. Or better still - how the hell do I tweak Disqus to function this way? This is really annoying.

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