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written: 9:54 p.m. on Monday, Mar. 29, 2010

1. How To Train Your Dragon (3D)

Wei Chuen and I watched the aforementioned cartoon on Saturday night. While the movie was enjoyable, the 3D was a huge rip-off. I read a soaring New York Times review about how you'd toatlly feel like you're flying during the dragon flight scenes and I was eagerly anticipating that, only to be sorely let down. It felt exactly like how it'd feel without paying an extra $4. It felt perfectly normal. Either the reviewer lied, or something went wrong with the tech when the reels were shipped from the US to here.

Crap 3D. Nonetheless, I wanna watch Clash of the Titans in 3D. I fully expect things to be flying at me then, and if they don't, I'd never watch another 3D movie again in my LIFE.

Movie itself was really cute. The dragon - Toothless - was adorable. I didn't like the non-training scenes as much as the training ones and America Ferrera as Astrid was surprisingly grating. But still an enjoyable movie. Good.

2. 9 months

No, not preggers; our 9 months.

We had dinner at Oscar's, Conrad. He raped the seafood section and binge-ate the lobsters. And to think he requested to leave later as he was full from lunch. I'm dating a pig - an adorable one.

A bit too tired right now to write this adequately, but words, at this point, can no longer express. He's truly the best ever.

3. Prison visit

Went Changi today to interview client. Most shocking discovery: Dude was from my JC.

He seemed perfectly normal and even affable. I was rather assured to see that he wasn't moody or down-trodden, but was open and smiling. He looked a lot younger than his age and he came across as a generally good character that has unfortunately been led astray.

It's rather sad. I stayed back today to finish the draft rep (to incorporate the things he told us during the interview) and although I was hoping to do it tomorrow, I didn't mind staying back the way I normally would have.

I am, however, tired as hell. Shall spend the rest of the night watching tennis.

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