Very shit entry.
written: 11:22 p.m. on Thursday, Apr. 29, 2010

After Roger lost two days ago, I couldn't possibly care any less about YET ANOTHER Roger-less tournament. The only sliver of silver lining is that he and Yves Allegro reached the quarter-final in doubles.

But then, I don't stand to benefit from it; they don't broadcast doubles on TV. Perhaps if they reached the final. But even then, I highly doubt it.

Really hoping against hope that Roger does something about his shoddy level of play and his confidence in Estoril. Really hope he wins there - he DEFINITELY needs all the confidence boost he can get.


In American Idol news, I AM SO FUCKING THRILLED THAT SIOBHAN MAGNUS GOT SENT PACKING BWAHAHAHAHAHA. Girl was seriously - SERIOUSLY - pissing me off with her "omg I'm like soooo totally different and unique just like a snowflake!1!111!!11!omg!!!" posturing and her stupid screaming and her bad voice. And her stupid fake-quirky dressing. UGH GET A LIFE. Finally the poseur has got off my TV. IT'S ABOUT TIME.


Played tennis with Wei Chuen earlier on.

I am SO tired now.

Too lazy to continue.

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