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written: 5:48 p.m. on Monday, Oct. 20, 2003

Been wanting to do this for a while but was either too lazy to or too forgetful to. So this is a list of my favourite entries from my own diary. Yes, a practice in self-obsession. Isn't that wonderful? I really love myself today so what the hell. Kind of ranked in order of merit, unless I state so otherwise. Older entries above, newer ones below.

the point of it all

This entry, to me, is pure, utter genius. (Well, not really.) It was primarily an exercise in descriptive writing and I actually forgot about it until recently, but bloody hell, everyone should click on the link now. Of course, some parts are just stupid but you gotta take the good with the bad, right? Right. This one is my favourite piece of... thing that I've typed up so far. Yeah, it's um, not bad.

perhaps, maybe, one day

... Yeah.

for all the best friends

Another exercise, this time in insipid, bloody stupid teenage angst. Oh well. It was, at the very least, rather well-written.

why you should never go to a single-sex school

Stupid and pointless entry but it reminds me of the fun times I had with my mates. Still kinda remember the guy mentioned in it. Haha. Yeah. Good times.

like in a motion picture

Not really. Kind of pretentious. But I was only 16.

i could burst a million bubbles

The honesty displayed in this entry is terribly shocking. And so is the maturity about how I was immature with regard to the whole first boyfriend thing.

november 28: graduation

This is hilarious. My 16-year-old self's bitter (and probably unjustified) cynicism is such a laugh. "I cried in Primary Six, which was really stupid because I ended up being in the same class as most of the people I knew anyway." I laughed out loud when I read this. I was such a bitter, cynical, almost-genius, ha ha.

take me further on our runaway train

It's been 4 years since I wrote this entry. I'm alarmed that some - most - of it still resonates with me.

the james dean story

Just in case I ever forget why I worship James Dean, though that's as likely as me ever doing well in a science-related subject.

do you know what a 'slam dunk' is?

This entry pretty much embodies my Slam Dunk obsession. It's faded a little but I still love the series anyway. It's all about Slam Dunk though, a list of whatever relating to the manga/anime series so some people may find it boring. Me? I think it's funny.

you say, 'jump.' i say, 'how high?' you say, 'as high as the sky. but you're going solo.

I guess because it's better written than most of the entries in here.

the opposite of happiness

The writing is embarrassing. The disappointment is heart-wrenching.

the moment of truth

It doesn't get better; it only gets worse.

love and basketball

I simply adore the little Mitsui thingy at the end of the entry. It's so stupid and typically me.

Poem: Supernova

I don't usually blow my own trumpet (HAHAHAHA YEAH RIGHT!) but yeah, I really like this poem. I don't know why. It's not even that good. ... Then again, I think it's brilliant. Yes, I, Yelen Genius, actually think that one of my own bad poems is "brilliant". Well, I gotta credit my muse for it. He's a genius and naturally, geniuses inspire brilliant poems, yeah? (If you haven't figured out who the 'he' in the poem refers to, you don't know me at all.) Wish I could let him read it but he doesn't understand English. Boo hoo, and all that.

a leaf falls [cummings]

Experimental entry. I guess this is called 'stream of consciousness'. I like some bits while others sound stupid.

ode to myself

Another experimental entry, but this time, I have no idea what the hell the point was, or what the hell it's supposed to mean. I keep writing things that I don't understand. Oh well.

the metamorphosis

Yeah, because I feel damn clever when I make literary allusions to great writers like Franz Kafka. I think I will buy his books even though they are translated and I hate reading translated stuff. He's intriguing.

more rants on censorship

I really hate self-important people who impose their own useless morals upon others. Die censors, die.

i. want. you.

I don't like the person I was talking about in the entry anymore, but I'm including it because it's better-written than 99% of the entries in this journal despite the fact that reading it makes me sick.

Chinese and other stories

Just because I like announcing to the world that I got a distinction for my AO Chinese paper. Bwa ha ha ha ha.

after a long dry spell, i am back

Surprisingly, I read the whole thing. I usually stop reading my older entries after three lines.

a punctured sky.

Short and sweet.

a real entry, for once.

Ah, yes. My entry on bad English, among other things. This is quite funny and I basically opened a huge hole for detractors to shoot me down but I'm a cocky bitch and I will always be so who cares.

a good end.

This one still manages to amaze me. It's a bit pretentious but I never professed to be unpretentious so there.

number of stabs in my chest.

I like the title actually; that's about it. Otherwise, this is proof that I am a whiny little bitch.

love letters, subverted.

Things like that just remind me of why I loved/love/liked/like writing.

the firing squad.

I love it when I rant, end sarcasm. There are some grammatical errors in that entry but I'm too lazy to correct them.

this could be determination.

This made me laugh. It could be just me.

a rant.

Okay, so 99.99% of all the entries here are rants, but I like the first portion (not the crap I wrote about Cambridge). It's interesting to see how drastically a person's opinion on certain things can change within a span of less than a year.

to be female is to be bitchy.

The title of the entry says it all. It's hilarious.

single-sex marriages.

This should've been called the case for single-sex marriages instead.

yelen deflates her ego.

Again, the title says it all.

poem: untitled

One of the stanzas is a piece of crap but the rest of it doesn't make me want to hurl. That's a rarity when it comes to my pseudo-poems and hence it deserves to be here.

warning: this entry makes absolutely no sense.

The first third is good. That's about it.

something different.

I really like this one. And I'm proud of it. Also, there's a typo somewhere in the first few paragraphs.

the question and the reply.

My take on religion, among other things (one of which involve some serious Julian Barnes worshipping).

self-doubt has never been this pervasive.

This is quite funny. The first half anyway, the mock examination paper.


Simply because it's different from 99% of the entries posted in this journal.

i'm pissed off without a real reason.

"We're all gonna die. Have fun." That made me laugh. I take back what I said about The Straits Times though.

ambivalence, among other things.

My prediction came true: I hate the course I'm in.


Why is 2002 still so important? Because it was the year when everything began.

melancholia, take two, and frustration too.

Well, yeah. Woe was me.

this entry is better than many others.

Not too shabby.

the pseudo-prom.

Ah, Jurong. How I thank thee for all the times during which you completely screwed up, pissed me off enough to bitch about them, and now they're making me laugh.

the stark, naked truth.

True, true.

my heart on the table.

Raw, gritty honesty.

in the dead of the night.

Just because.

the truth about me.

Poor, poor me.

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