written: 6:33 p.m. on Sunday, Dec. 28, 2003

Sick of seeing one whole chunk of links in the navigation bar, so finally convinced myself to put all my junk on a separate page.

Links - Links to sites that I find humourous, entertaining and so on and so forth.

Reviews - Because I'm amused.

Cast - (Almost) All the people I mention in this diary, who they are to me, what I think of them, etc.

Disclaimer - Because it never hurts to clarify.

Academics - An explanation of Singapore's grading system and other school-related crap, and also my major examination results.

Glossary - A glossary of slang terms, foreign words and other stuff.

Cliques - Well, I don't join any anymore but what the hell.

Idolise - Fanlistings and such.

Movies - My so-called 'movie reviews' at

About me - A few facts about myself.

Fanfiction - All the Slam Dunk fanfictions that I've written thus far.

Other writings - Poetry, short stories, etc. Warning: Bad stuff.

Poetry - All the poems I've posted in this diary. I've written a lot a lot more though; just lazy to type them all out.

Layout - About the current layout.

Favourites - My favourite entries written by myself.

Profile - My diaryland profile.

Reads - Cool blogs to check out.

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