someone wipe that smile off my face before i lose it...
written: 4:17 p.m. on Sunday, Apr. 14, 2002

This is a fact: I spent the whole day doing nothing but thinking about Gen and a couple of A Maths questions. Actually, 3. I also emailed Jeff and typed in this diary. But mostly, I thought about him.

I cannot stand it anymore. I'm actually scared shitless, because I have never done this before and no guy has ever made me feel the way I'm feeling now, and I don't really understand it. If you really think about it, I'm kind of pathetic. It only takes a gorgeous guy, who also happens to be a total sweetheart, to humour me in my pursuit for a wild romantic adventure, and I can't stop smiling, even when it's the afternoon after.

I still cannot believe what happened. I don't want to erase his SMSes as I love them, so I saved his number as "The Class Maid 2". (And "maid" was not a typo.) I am such a moron, but I don't even care. Did I mention that I was on the phone with The Goofball on the bus last night and I was smiling and giggling (I GIGGLED!) and going, "Oh my god", and there were people around me, and I'm sure they all thought I was nuts? Did I mention that I smiled to myself as I walked towards the MRT station to wait for my dad? Did I mention that I CANNOT STOP SMILING?

Did I mention too that I could not care less?

before sunrise // before sunset

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