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written: 10:10 p.m. on Tuesday, Apr. 12, 2005

Yes, I should've written this yesterday since it occurred yesterday but I wasn't in the mood for this when I was writing yesterday's entry, as I was still quite bowled over by the brilliance that is 3-Iron. But hey, better late than never and other similar cliched sayings! Right? Right. Duh.

So yes. I was at Cineleisure yesterday morning to watch 3-Iron by myself, right? So I was taking the lift up to the box office level, and because I don't frequent Cineleisure, I couldn't remember which level it was. I was standing at the right while the vital information was on the left, and so I craned my neck towards my left to get a better look, and I was still struggling to see the fucking board thing when some good samaritan decided to help me out.

Well, would anyone be surprised if I say next that the good samaritan is a guy? So this weird guy was like, "Fifth level. The cinema's on the fifth level."

I smiled and said 'thanks', and thought that that was it, but no. The guy decided that he just had to start a conversation with me, because he started asking me all these questions about...nothing specific, just really mundane and predictable things like, "Are you Singaporean?", "Did you just return from overseas studies?", "Are you a student?", blah blah blah. I thought the 'are you Singaporean' question was due to my not knowing where the bloody box office was, so I was like, "Yeah, I'm Singaporean, but I don't come here often and I'm waiting for uni."

The lift arrived at the fifth storey and I walked out, thinking that I could finally be left in peace...but no. The guy FOLLOWED me and when I accidentally let it slip that I was watching a Korean film, he was like, "Oh, I think we're watching the same thing. What are you watching?"

I'm stupidly honest and a stupid bad liar and so I told him truthfully, "I'm watching 3-Iron."

What a coincidence!, he said (well, he didn't really; I'm just doing it for dramatic effect); I'm watching the same thing! Do you want to watch it together?


"Uh, not really," I replied. "I'm kind of in the watch-alone mood today, so..."

"Oh okay then," he answered, and his disappointment was freaking obvious. "I'll just watch something else."

But because I'm so damn nice, I said, "But if you wanna watch 3-Iron, you should." Just don't sit anywhere near me, I added silently.

"No it's fine, I'll watch something else."

Wahoo. I went to buy my ticket; he followed closely behind. When I was telling the person that I wanted one ticket for 3-Iron at 11.10 a.m., the guy suddenly said again, "You really mind if we watch it together?" (Yes, bad grammar and all.)

"Uh, yeah, I do," I answered, and by now my smile was strained beyond comprehension and reason. I turned away from him and began stuffing my change in my wallet, yadayada, and when he was done buying his show (S Diary, for fuck's sake! What a stupid movie!) he asked me, "So where's your show?"

I was like, "Hall 9." And it turned out that I had no idea where in the world Hall 9 was, and so my mouth decided to help me out by asking HIM. "Where's Hall 9?"

"It's upstairs and I'm at Hall 10." So the guy and I went up the escalator together and he used that chance to engage in small talk with me; what about, I don't remember. I think this was the part where he said something about my looks and my dressing, the usual lame shit that guys pull hoping to score brownie points with girls but too bad for him, he picked the wrong bitch. He was like, "You don't look Singaporean at all. Most Singaporean girls don't get all dolled up (and I swear he used this phrase) to go to Orchard Road on a Monday morning" blah blah shit blah blah.

I was wearing a white-based skirt with some flowery thingy printed on it in reddish pink and a yellow three-quarter sleeves shirt from Mango and my bimbo white heels with this huge pink flower on it, and I was carrying my handbag. Is that dressing up? I didn't think so, and so I went, "Uh, no lah, I just pulled out two pieces of clothing from my closet and put them on."

Half truth. The truth? My skirt was unwashed; I wore it two days ago on my last day of work and it was stashed somewhere under a pile of clothes that have been worn that I'm too lazy to wash in my room, and I've definitely worn that combo before. It wasn't like it was anything special; I'd dress like that even if I were just going to like, West Mall or something. Hell, I wore that when I went to the cemetery a couple of weeks ago!

I didn't say any of those things though, merely smiled politely and muttered 'thanks' and wish in my heart that he'd take the hint and leave me alone. But guess what? He didn't. Before entering the cinema he was like, "Okay, I'll come and look for you after the movie!"

God, was I glad when I entered the cinema alone without a bloody shadow following closely behind! I resolved to split as soon as the film was over, and I truly thought that I'd finally earned my freedom...until the unthinkable actually happened.

Halfway into 3-Iron someone suddenly sat down next to me. Guess who it was and no rewards for getting it right, and yes, it's the same guy and he unabashedly sat down with a "the movie is boring".

Fucked if I gave shit, okay? Honestly, I've never met anyone as audacious as him in my whole life. People are supposed to be scared of me; more specifically, IRRITATING MEMBERS OF THE OPPOSITE SEX ARE SUPPOSED TO BE SCARED OF ME. That was how I didn't get harrassed all day long when I was in Jurong Junior and that was how it was supposed to be until the day that I bloody die. I can't believe that he had the audacity to do something like that. Not only is it completely weird, it's just...god, I don't know. Where does he get that confidence? I think I mentioned that he's not remotely good-looking but I was being kind; the truth is, he's shit ugly, so much so that George Bush is hot next to him. Hello?

You know what, I am the most stupid person in the world because I am too damn nice to tell an annoying jackass to piss the hell off, because after the film has ended, I actually went to Takashimaya with him and had tea at some weird Royal Copenhagen cafe which I've never heard of. I don't know why I did it, really, save from that thing about me being a really nice person and all. Whatever it was, I was ultimately rescued by my mom who called me halfway through and told me that she was in the area; did I want to have lunch?

Of course I freaking did! That was how I parted ways with the guy. The tea was nice and it was six dollars and he paid for it. Ha.

When he and I (I refuse to employ the pronoun 'we') were walking towards Takashimaya he kept going off about how he and I were 'connecting', and I was so tempted to say, "Dude, you're the only one doing the 'connecting here'; leave me out of of this." I mean, sure, his personality seemed to be a lot like mine, but it's just too bad for him that he picked the wrong person to establish a deep and profound 'connection' with. Half the time I was sceptical about the things that he was saying, the things that he supposedly had in common with me. I may be stupid, but I'm not naive enough not to think that he might've been merely putting on an act in order to get my number so that he can harass me until I called the cops or something.

I don't know, it was weird. He kept going off about my horoscope, which also happened to be his horoscope; he told me that his birthday was like, July 9, and I was like, "Oh really? Cool, mine's July 14." And after that, he couldn't stop going off about how rare it is for him to meet a 'Cancerian girl'.

Uh???? What has one's star sign got to do with anything? Like I said, it was just weird. In the end he didn't ask for my number but gave me his, and obviously I didn't do anything with it although it's still stored in my phone. I felt quite bad yesterday though because...I mean, he seemed pretty decent but hell, I don't wanna give myself a headache by contacting him and making him think that I have even the tiniest sliver of interest in him because I don't. At all. Things might be different if he were good-looking but he's not.

Like, ew.

I'm sorry even though I'm not but I'm at a stage in my life where I still couldn't care less about relationships and just wanna have fun. If a hot guy came along and did that to me, I'd probably be less weirded out by it, even if his personality were more deplorable and cheena piang than that guy whom I met yesterday. But seriously, if that guy hadn't gone off about my looks (he said that he learnt two words in S Diary that could be used to describe my appearance; one of them was 'pretty' and the other I didn't catch, which only made me wanna hurl) I probably wouldn't be on my guard that much. It's hard to be friends with someone who's obviously attracted to you, you know.

So yeah. That's my weird encounter from yesterday. Fun times, right? Bleah. My life is fucked, I swear. But then again, that guy did hit the nail on the head when he supposed that guys my age are scared of me - which is true, because The New Kid said so when we were dating.

I told my mom about it over lunch and she said that it was the precise reason why my dad doesn't like it when I go for movies alone (which I do on a very regular basis). Normally I'd be like, "Wah lau, give me some credit lah! I'm not that stupid!" But after yesterday...haha. I can so see things from my dad's point of view now.

Damn, I can't help it if I'm such a nice person, you know? I have to be meaner than that.

But goddamn, why is it that I always seem to be attracting the geeky people? Like I said, my life is fucked. Sigh.

Well anyway, stayed home today and I wasn't bored to tears, for once. I finally did something about my Incomparable live CD fanlisting; the layout's done and all. Hell it was fun! I'm planning to change this layout really soon though, once I figure out how I want the new one to look. I'm still shit at Photoshop though; haven't got a clue what 99% of the tools are for. Ha, ha, ha.

My dad probably wants to sleep soon so this shall be it.

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