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written: 2:02 a.m. on Saturday, Nov. 26, 2005

One: Veronica Mars

(major spoilers)

This show gives me a heart attack. And I'm a perfectly healthy 19-year-old. I'm surprised that my heart didn't stop beating when the episode ended.

I'm like, oh my god, oh my god, OH MY GOD, oh my god?
And finally: OH MY GOD IT ENDED??? 45 minutes of VM a week is barely enough to satiate my unquenchable thirst for wanting to know just what the hell is going on with everyone and everything: the school bus, Duncan and his freaky dreams, Duncan and Veronica and the way they're not talking about things that need talking, Logan's murder case, what actually happened that night on the bridge. Every week the show dangles a sausage (purely vegetarian for me) over my nose and I desperately follow its scent, and just when I think I can finally take a bite of the stupid sausage, it's diabolically yanked out of my reach and then mysteriously disappears.

(Sausage thing, another VM reference.)

Like. Why don't you just hit me over the head and leave me for dead? The opening scene at the seedy underground pool house, Veronica being physically threatened (I thought she was going to be raped on the pool table - fucking scary shit), Logan swooping in invoking the power of his ankle alarm/monitor thingy and then whipping out a gun (for the record, I agree with V: you're gonna get yourself killed! And what kind of fucked up dad gives his equally fucked up son a gun?), Veronica freaking out at him in the car (parting comment was cold and rather uncalled for though; poor Logan), didn't care too much for this episode's Mystery of the Week at first but it sucked me in anyway and the interaction between V and Mac is awesome.

And finally. The most heart-wrenching, painful scene in Veronica Mars ever. That shit the motorcycle gang pulled at the end, doing a Russian roulette on Logan's arm and knee, the way he was so scared and screaming for them to stop, even at the seedy pool club he still had his snark with him while trying to get Veronica out of there, seeing him genuinely frightened and stripped of all defences was just painful. And him pulling the cellphone off the dude that kidnapped him, that mixture of hatred and resentment and residual fear and vengeance while speaking to Weevil, my heart breaks for this boy. I would totally write a heartfelt plea to Rob Thomas and the writers to stop torturing him, but that'd make the show less exciting to watch so I'll take the good with the bad.

Amazing acting by Jason Dohring - I just had to say that. Most of the time though, I forget this is just a show and that the person who actually exists isn't Logan Echolls but Jason Dohring.

Amazing. I'm also amazed by the kind of things they manage to get on air: the violence, the racial slurs, and for today's episode that homosexual kid (pretty cute too) and some rather graphic description of his attempt at a relationship with the other dude - that is, graphic for TV.

This show will never make it to Singapore, which is just fine by me. It doesn't the insult of being censored; it's perfect the way it is.

Okay, so confession, didn't notice that Logan nipped the cellphone and so I was thinking, "Hey he changed his phone" when he was hitting redial. Then it was, "Um, why would Weevil pick up Logan's call?" and then, "...OH."

Also, didn't quite understand what happened with the Mystery of the Week.


No way!

V and Mac provided the comic relief. So damn funny, that scene at the vice principal's house. I laughed out loud (to myself at 1 a.m.) quite a few times.

Last note before I move on: I am a little spooked right now. VM has been going for the kill (no pun intended) with these intense, scary-ass episodes - ever since Rat Saw God two weeks ago, in fact. A far cry from the lighter tone of the first season, but I like how intense it's getting and how there are no throwaway storylines because everything is related.

It's exactly like reading a well-crafted literary novel by a writer who pays close attention to the tiny details and the specific nuances of certain words, and how words aren't just there for the sake of being there, but they're there for a reason, how nothing is superficial, everything has to be gleaned by reading between the lines...Veronica Mars is exactly like that.

No wonder it's not as popular as Lost. Ha, ha, ha.

Two: Lost Season 1 finale

(spoilers I think, not that it matters anyway)

Yeah it was fucking shit. Honestly, no more Lost for me. I'd rather read recaps on televisionwithoutpity.com than to watch another rubbish waste-of-time episode. Have I ever seen a more BORING season finale? No. Have I ever cared any less about whether characters lived or died? No. Has a season finale ever been THAT ANTI-CLIMATIC? Hell no!

Comparing it to VM would be a grave insult to the latter, but all the same, VM's season 1 finale is so much more superior. It tied up loose strings, answered questions, made the audience's intrigue and emotional investment in the show totally worth it; but Lost? It ends without answering any of the big questions it sets up in the first couple of episodes, my mom saw that fat dude and the stupid numbers thing coming from ten hundred kilometres away, what the hell is up with Locke/Lock and his crazy talks about how "the island brought them there"?

Oh wait, I don't even give a shit anymore. Just die, everyone. And Shannon? SO. DAMN. ANNOYING. Since when did she give a damn about her totally hot and dead stepbrother? Said/sp annoys me too. Even Charlie annoys me (he's so damn stupid and oh look, he's back on drugs again! Loser).

This show sucks. People in the States who choose Lost over VM on Wednesday nights are totally stupid. That's all I have to say.

Three: Torts exam

Well, I suppose this has to be addressed, so here goes.

In all likelihood I bombed my Torts paper; I just don't know it yet. Considering how I didn't study and how I didn't even try that hard to study, I shouldn't be feeling so at ease with regard to the whole thing. I'm not feeling like I screwed it up, that I'm basically in for some major ass-frying session, and that I'm gonna fail, the usual post-exam whinings. And this is really scary because it basically means that I've kind of stopped caring for good.

I mean, the way I look at it, there are two possible explanations for this lack-of-overreaction on my part:

1) I LICKED IT!; or
2) I'm so far gone that the possibility of me failing an exam in LS doesn't have any effect on me at all.

Since 1) is impossible, by the process of elimination and logical deduction 2) has to be it.

Oh well, whatever, nevermind.

So I wrote a bunch of dribble for the public nuisance thing and I couldn't decide if Karl (or whatever) falls under public or private nuisance and I was taking too long to think so I went with my first answer which was public nuisance. Yeah. Clumsy attempts at critical analysis throughout at which the marker will definitely laugh himself/herself silly, so kudos to me for providing comic relief to stressed-out Torts tutors who have to spend December marking boring exam scripts.

Uhh and some other stuff. Crap I can't remember anything Torts; all I can think about is Veronica Mars and how scary it all was, and how hot Logan is, and how cute he is with that little-boy look on his face, how much I love his hair, how sexy his ankle monitor is (okay seriously I'm whacked), how much I love him. Siiigh.

Also, am falling asleep here. Had a horrible night prior to Torts exam, couldn't sleep properly, kept opening my eyes, and I actually opened my eyes before my mom came in to switch off the air-con, and oh my god, I actually didn't sleep for another five minutes more after my mom switched off the air-con and turned on the lights. Waking up at 7.30 a.m. for an exam you're gonna flunk either way? No picnic at all.

The MPSH was freezing. Rui was in front of me, just like old times - sweet. She kind of slept 15 minutes before the paper ended, I thought the paper ended at 11.15 (when it was 11.30) and so quickly rushed through my last point and then had to think of another one to write to fill up the remaining 15 minutes, and the guy behind me thought the paper ended at 12.

I feel bad for him. He's one that actually cares about his grades too, so I hope he doesn't do too badly.

I wrote pretty neatly too.

Well, at least it wasn't my trademark exam-time unintelligble scrawl back in JC.

This basically means that I'm screwed, for it only goes to show how I was NOT bursting with things to write and actually had time to pause and think and write prettily.

Right. Whatever.

Four: Funny, funny people

Help me out with something here. I can't decide whether it's an ego boost or an insult to get random messages from guys with fucking bad English asking me "to be frenz". On the one hand, it's an ego boost...for obvious reasons.

But on the other, shouldn't the fact that I use proper English and they don't (LIKE AT ALL) clue them in to - how shall I put this - the obvious cultural differences between me and Another Random Dude? Seriously, people. Find appropriate targets; otherwise, you're gonna find yourself seriously confused by my messages.

What do you say to "can be frenz"? "Okay sure, now we're friends! Let's exchange friendship bracelets!"? Oh, yeah, that totally, totally works in real life, nevermind that I really have nothing to say to any of you.

It's so funny and so retarded at the same time...then again, it's retarded, and so it's funny. What do you do with such people and lots of free time on your hands?

You play.

I guess I will be having Fun Fun Fun.

(The above is a modified Logan quote. The friendship bracelets thing is also a Veronica Mars reference. The show is snarkier and wittier than me and I bow to its almighty greatness and am hereby humbled.)

Five: The end

So, didn't go shopping with Mom. Left my Esprit card renewal coupon thing in my black Mango tote bag. I shouldn't have decided to bring my JC2 pink Rip Curl bag to the stupid exam.

Had lunch at NYDC Holland Village and I'm loving the pasta and the pizza, and the waiter was cute, albeit in a dorky, little-boy sort of way.

Most importantly, I BOUGHT A MEGA COW MUG! Third level of that shopping centre, the one that does not have the fugly windmill attached. So awesome, I love my mug, I love my Small Cow. <3

Not looking forward to Contract - at all.

This is quite wrong and augurs bad for the character but I love me some hot, pissed off Logan Echolls. Mmmm.

Watched the latest Gilmore Girls too. That show has lost its magic a long time ago. And Rory and Jess are meant to be together.

I'm either going to finish reading all the posts in the VM episode 8 televisionwithoutpity.com thread, or post this and sleep.

Most likely? I'm doing the former.

ripped title of entry off veronica mars - title of latest episode, and because i'm too uncreative to come up with something original which proves that the show is smarter than me

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