(Qatar Open 2009) Federer def. Kohlschreiber 6-2, 7-6(6)
written: 2:07 a.m. on Friday, Jan. 09, 2009

(OMG I almost spelled that German name right! Initially missed an 'L'. My junior competitive sport could so have been...the spelling bee. Which was shown on ESPN, so don't mock!)

Okay. Seriously. OH MY GOD. What looked like an easy victory eventually turned into a freaking nerve-wrecking second-set tie-break, in which Roger trailed 1-5, then went on to save three set points and clinched the match with his first match point - on Kohlschreiber's serve.

OH MY GOD HE'S AMAZING. Much as I prefer easy victories for the sake of my heart, the result of matches like this one, that are actually competitive, are so much sweeter when he's the one emerging victorious at the end. He went from 1-5 to 8-6, seemingly effortlessly. I swear when Kolschreiber had three set points I was all ready for the match to go into the third and decisive set, but oh my god, THANK GOODNESS HE WON IT IN STRAIGHTS. My heart would've exploded if there had been a third set. Seriously.

I'm not sure what happened in the second set but his game kind of fell apart. Made errors left and right, consolidated the early break he got just to get broken at 4-2, and even let out this guttural yell when he missed a shot in his own service game - the same one in which Kohlschreiber broke him back. I was all pumped when he followed that error with an ace, but then, he got himself broken.

I think proper credit goes to the opponent though. He played like crap in the first set, which had me commenting that Seppi played better, but he somehow remembered how to play pro tennis and suddenly played like a different person. First serve shot to 80-something percent from 50-something in the first set, kept rushing the net and forcing errors from Roger, and hitting pretty impressive forehands. Not too shabby.

Too bad Roger's just way, way better. The shot of the match, for me, was that out-of-this-world amazing slice passing shot he executed. It was probably the first time I ever seen him, or anyone (but more him because I mostly only bother watching his matches in their entirety), slice a passing shot. I thought Kolschreiber was gonna return it for sure since a slice travels slower than a normal topspin shot, but noooo. IT PASSED, OH MY GOD. If I heard them right the commentators said it was a "classic" net game shot.

Anyway, I'm glad that I can't hear what the commentators are saying half the time, 'cause I suspect they're SkySports commentators and British Roger fans are always, ALWAYS complaining them for constantly swooning over Murray and Nadal and whatever else. I'd take them over the Americans that can't shut up, but I'm happy with hearing them only occasionally, even more so when I catch their tactical analyses.

Also, before my brother went to bed, he told me that Kolschreiber closes his eyes just as he tosses up the ball when he serves. I watched out for it the next time the camera focused on him as he got ready to serve, and my brother was right! I couldn't stop laughing. His serving motion is already kind of weird to begin with, the sort of weird and WTF that you don't forget. His name didn't ring a bell, but the moment I saw him serve, I knew that I'd watched him play before last year. Can't quite describe it; it's just weird.

I noticed, too, that Roger doesn't draw his back foot forward as he swings his racquet down to hit the ball when serving. Other players do. But then, other players do a lot of things that Roger doesn't do - like grunt, for example, and fist-pump five fucking times when holding his own service game. I'm glad you were stoked, Nadal, but er...yeah, whatever.

I can't wait to watch Roger assert his authority over Murray tomorrow, assuming Murray goes through to the semi - which is a safe assumption to make. There's a reason why Murray studied Roger's game to improve his own, especially the serve. I'm sure he can beat the Scot when he's playing to win, injury-free, with health at 100%.

Yay! Happiness. I love my darling. <3 The amazing forehand winner that clinched the match dangerously painted the line at just the right spot - more to the left than the right - and of course he finished it in style. I can go to sleep happy now!

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