Australian Open 2010: Anti-climax
written: 11:17 p.m. on Tuesday, Jan. 26, 2010

Was rushing home to watch what I thought would be an epic match between Rafael Nadal and Andy Murray, just to find out, when I was in my dad's car on the way home from West Mall, that Nadal had retired after being down two sets and a break.

Great. The defending champion retired from his quarter-final match. Seriously. Seriously?

Turned out the epic match today was between Marin Cilic and Andy Roddick - with Andy losing. SIGHS.

Really worried about Roger's match tomorrow. I want him to win his so badly. If he loses to Davy again, I think I will cry. And then support Davy to win the whole thing. But Roger has to win.


Too fucking sleepy to continue. Wasn't even gonna write this actually.

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