veronica mars, quit playin' games with my heart.
written: 1:27 a.m. on Saturday, Nov. 12, 2005

Warning: This entry is entirely devoted to an unquenchable need for a post-Veronica Mars babbling session, and it contains a lot, a lot, a lot of spoilers.




SERIOUSLY. That single episode had me on tenterhooks for the entire 45 minutes! When it ended I was like, "IT'S OVER??? BUT, BUT, I WANT MORE!!!"

So Keith visited the wrecked school bus that the police dug up from the ocean and saw a couple of rats under a seat. I'm assuming they're twisting the suicide bombers thing and replacing human beings with rats.

The part when Sachs crashed Gia's party and handcuffed Logan and said, "Logan Echolls, you're under arrest for the murder of Felix [insert his surname here]"? I WAS TOTALLY BLUBBERING AND GOING, NOOOOO STOP BULLYING LOGAN!

I'm wishing so hard that the writers would cut my Logan some slack and stop torturing him. With all the things that fucked up in his face over the first season, he deserves some happiness in his life. His friends are utterly useless - when he was led out of the party his "friend" Dick Casablancas continued acting like the dumb ass he is as if nothing has happened, and his supposed "best friend" Duncan (who's now Veronica's boyfriend, LIKE EW!) didn't seem to give a shit at all that his supposed "best friend" was accused of murder AGAIN. And Dick again? His name is so apt, for he is the biggest dick on the show, ever. I hated what he said to Logan about Logan's dad a few episodes back, when they were at the shooting range talking about a party Dick was thinking of throwing, and Logan suggested his huge empty mansion because it's empty, and Dick made some stupid, insensitive joke about how no one would want to enter the house of a murderer. SCREW YOU, YOU ASSHOLE. He's your friend and that's the amount of sensitivity and concern you show him? And in the latest episode, that stupid comment he made about Logan's mom? Ugh. He should get killed by Aaron Echolls, I swear.

He needs someone who really cares for him, because as of right now, he has no one.

AND OH MY GOD Sheriff Lamb is SUCH AN ASSHOLE. How can he put Logan in the same bloody cell as his Dad! That was totally nerve-wrecking, and the way Logan handled it? Cue the overflowing tearducts!

I can't believe Aaron still has the gall to maintain his innocence.

But shit, if the show pulls some out-of-this-world twist and the real murderer is Duncan instead...argh! I will just die.

But it sounds really preposterous so I hope it never happens.

The part when Logan's house burnt down? SCREW YOU WEEVIl! You're hot and everything but no one messes with my Logan and still gets the thumbs-up from me!

I still can't believe Logan's beautiful mansion has now been reduced to rubble. And I can't believe he's rooming with Duncan. Gag me with a spoon.

Oh, but that means more Logan/Veronica interaction. She did mistake Logan for Duncan after all; Logan had a magazine over his face and was wearing Duncan's sweater, Veronica, thinking he's her boyfriend, embraced him, followed by major snark from both characters. Awesomeness.

A major complaint: Veronica totally DID NOT care that Logan was re-arrested. Like, what the hell? I was expecting her to get him out of his fix BUT NO. Hello? You were with him when he stood trial for murder, you were with him in the car the day the not-guilty judgment was read, and then you bailed on him during the aftermath. Shouldn't you do something to show your concern? Because we all know that Veronica still has feelings for Logan; a girl as smart as her will not last with someone as boring as Donut. Honestly, what the hell was with the I-don't-give-a-damn act?



PLEASE LET ME BE LOGAN'S LAWYER. I promise I will ace all my exams!

No matter what happens, I believe he's innocent. He couldn't have killed that Felix dude, and there's no way in hell he's behind the school bus explosion. Why? Because I said so, that's why.

The scene in school between Logan and Weevil was just...just tear out my heart and stomp it to death, why don't you? Logan looked so hot in that striped shirt, and he looked hot still with tomato sauce on his face. He looked so hot in "fight or flight? FIGHT!" stance, the stunt he pulled, buying Weevil's grandmother's house, oh my god you are such an asshole but I love you anyway, I can see the big divide and I can't even begin to fathom how that's gonna settle.

And please, will the motorcycle gang stop picking on Logan? I can't stand the amount of shit this boy has to take, and it breaks my heart even more to see him put on this tough facade and fend it all off with his usual snarky way. I love the snark but the broken soul beneath the surface...

I will so pay Rob Thomas to write me into the show as a character. Like, Logan's soulmate. The one that heals him, unlike Veronica who bailed on him and is cold enough to not look back.

Kristen Bell is so amazing, she really is. The scenes in that seedy motel, especially the part when Clarence Wiedman (sp?) suddenly burst into the room, the fear was so palpable. That last scene with Abel Koontz (sp?), too.

I'm not going to be able to sleep tonight until I've gone through all the 30-something pages in the Television Without Pity thread.

I've never been this obsessed and worked up over a television show before.


And I still wanna be Logan's lawyer.

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