I want hot legs too.
written: 6:39 p.m. on Tuesday, Jan. 20, 2009

1. Australian Open:

You know, the world can be SO unfair sometimes. Andy Murray got a free pass in the first round because he drew some 35-year-old dude on the verge of retirement, who eventually retired from the match in the middle of the second set. What the hell? WHAT THE HELL?

And poor Lleyton Hewitt! I didn't care much for him one way or the other but watching him fight to beat Fernando Gonzalez in his match made me root for him, not to mention how I liked him for a couple of months in secondary school. But he lost! First he enters the tournament unseeded, then he faces Fernando Gonzalez. I feel so guilty for laughing (along with my brother) at the possibility of him winning the tournament when some programme was making predictions on who would win and mentioned Lleyton Hewitt's comeback. Sigh. I much prefer the older players like Andy Roddick, David Nalbandian, to the younger ones (obviously, Andy Murray and Novak Djokovic). The younger ones don't seem to know their place in the history of tennis and posture around and piss me off, but the older players have earned their places. For them to be still playing when tennis players drop off the face of the earth every year means they've done something worth talking about and worth raving about. The younger ones? Go win 3 Slams a year first, hold the #1 spot for 237 weeks, and then we'll talk, okay?

And what the fuck, the organisers are crazy! Who puts some unknown Australian on Rod Laver Arena, PLAYING THE LAST MATCH? I mean, I'm quite happy that Roger's playing the day match tomorrow 'cause I'd get to watch some of it, but I'd rather him play at night when there's no sun 'cause I don't want him running around under the hot sun!

But that's not entirely it. He got the night session yesterday so it makes sense for him to get the day session. What doesn't make sense is scheduling Tomic (I don't even know his first name) on Rod Laver, which is basically Center Court, at night when Novak Djokovic hasn't got a night session yet, and is fucking DEFENDING CHAMPION. Andy Roddick, way more established than some random Australian, is relegated to another court. Like I care about whatever Tomic? Who's heard of some unknown person playing on Center Court when the big names get the side courts? The only American that would get Arthur Ashe in New York is Andy Roddick - and for good reason, too, because he's Andy Roddick and he's actually won a Grand Slam! (After that, he lost all his finals to Roger HAHAHA.) I don't remember Sam Querry playing in Arthur Ashe during last year's US Open, or even James Blake! Like, omg, I don't even know where in the ATP rankings this Tomic dude stands!

Oh my god, he's 768. He's 16. AND HE'S PLAYING ON ROD LAVER ARENA JUST BECAUSE HE'S AUSTRALIAN. There's something SO wrong with this scenario that I can't WAIT for Gilles Muller to ace his way through the match and kick his ass.

(Speaking of Muller, he and Lopez both served at 100% during their match. 100% first serves in. OMG. I'd die happy if Roger could do that!)

2. Hottest female tennis player ever:

Daniela Hantuchova is so hot, I can't stand it. Her legs are amazing - they seem to go on forever and ever and ever, and I'd kill to have legs as slim and sexy as hers. Though ranked lower, she's soooo much hotter than Maria Sharapova. I'm so jealous!

I saw her play against Casey Dellacqua yesterday (with Daniela eventually winning in straights) and the difference in the two women's sizes was as obvious as night and day. Dellacqua is my height and weighs 18 kilos more than me. She's also Australian. Go figure.

Oh, sorry, was that mean? Um...oops.

Anyway, Daniela wore this skinny, tight-fitting tank top with this super cute short skirt that showed off her killer legs and she looked damn hot. She's also like 1.8m or something like that. Oh my god. Love. LOVE. I want her figure. (Okay, not so much her height; I'm having enough trouble finding a guy taller than me as it is!)

3. Most tragic match ever:

I just watched the last few games of Nadull's first match.

Christophe Rochus was just sad. There's no other way to describe it. He basically just stood there and let Nadull hit winners after winners. It was absolutely pathetic. I'm surprised Nadull didn't dish out a triple bagel.

Actually, I was even more surprise when Nadull couldn't return a very weak Rochus serve. Kind of laughed at that.

Oh, and oh my god, Nike fails. FAILS. Nadull wears a black t-shirt with some blue stripe and black shorts, plus a dirty green bandanna and dirty green sweat bands. At first I was wondering what the hell was up with the random dirty green...then I saw his shoes. The Nike swoosh is the in the same dirty green.

The outfit is so fugs, I haven't the words for it. And his shorts has some random glittery shit on it.

And why must his shirts be so tight? It's not like his shoulders and chest are anything to rave about.

I'm glad Roger has more self-respect and modesty than that!

4. Nation-Building lecture:

I almost died in lecture today. First, I was five minutes late and so had to find a seat quickly, and I found one by the aisle next to some guy. The some guy part was okay...until we got to the part where I found out Some Guy smelled weird. Not only did Some Guy smell weird, Some Guy also kept looking over at me for some weird reason.

I wanted to die. I was sooo happy when I went back after my toilet break and saw that Some Guy had left!

I think I'm going to stop going for lectures altogether. I don't even know how to describe it. I just don't get anything intellectual, anything at all, out of these lectures at all. It's just two hours of Why Singapore Is Great and I'm not interested in mindless propaganda, thank you. When the lecturer started playing videos from National Day rallies, I think I felt my brain leaking out of my ears.

I don't quite know how to put into words, or pinpoint, what it is about these blatantly nationalistic lectures that drives me absolutely crazy. When I figure it out, I'll let everyone know. For now, I CAN'T STAND IT OH MY GOD.

5. Random:

Coffee Club Express at NUS KR is damn cheap! $3.50 for a large iced latte!

I have NB tutorials every odd Fridays at 12 noon when apparently everyone else is going on Wednesday! I'm so sad.

NB is the dumbest module I've ever taken. I better get an A+ for it or I will kill myself. Okay, I'll settle for an A since there's no difference between the two, but the point remains the same.

I was going to bitch about something but on second thought, forget it.

Okay, I think I have to finally wash the dishes. YUCKS.

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