written: on September 2002

Just to clarify a few things.

1) This is my diary. You choose to read it. I didn't force you to, and I write things as they are. So if you should get hurt, remember that it's not my fault and don't bitch to me about it because I really don't care. Okay?

2) If you're someone from my school and you know me offline, and I didn't tell you you can read this, please fuck off now or sign my guestbook and tell me who you are. Honestly, I don't care for half of you out there so if my life intrigues you that much, sign the guestbook please, or fuck off. Thank you.

3) I may say things about other countries, specifically the USA, that may offend, but these are my personal opinions and let me say once and for all that America, to me, is the land of opportunities and I don't hate it. I just detest its president. So don't be offended, but if you have any issues you need clarified, sign the guestbook and bitch all you want. In fact, I rather enjoy a good, intellectual debate. (Note key words.)

4) I typed some shit about football here but they are no longer relevant as I can't be bothered with the sport anymore. I know, I can just delete this, but I prefer doing it this way. Can?

5) That's about it. Have a nice day, and sign my guestbook.

revised november 20, 2003

before sunrise // before sunset

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