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People I mention.


My mom: She's 44, loves classical music, great on the piano, and she's recently taken up flower arrangement. She is the primary nagger who oversees all naggings, but hey. She's the mom. She buys her clothes in the places that I do, and I've been told we look alike. I don't suppose we'd be friends if she were a teenager though. I saw her Secondary 4 class photo. She went to the same secondary school as I. Can we say China scholar?? (We wear pinafores with belts made of cloth. Belts are supposed to go around the waist, but I wear it around my hips because it's comfortable, and Chinese scholars are the ones who wear their belts tight around their waists. Whatever floats their boats.) She's very pretty though.

My dad: He's 46, and is my mom's cousin. I'm not physically deformed in any way, shape or form though. He's great at Chinese. Like, REALLY great. I'd ask him to form a sentence using some overly complex Chinese phrase that I've never heard of in my life, and he can do it. I'd ask him for the meaning of a Chinese idiom, and he'd tell me the entire story behind how it came about. He's very smart. He's also short, about 1 cm taller than I am. I'm 165. Daddy also hates it when I call him "Fu Qing", which is the formal way of saying "father" in Mandarin. It's like calling your dad "father" instead of "dad", you know? Also, he hates it when I go online. Doesn't allow me to date either.

My brother: He's 13. His grades stink. He loves basketball; his favourite team is the Portland Trailblazers, his favourite player being Damon Stoudamire. He's quite irritating, but I like him okay. He thinks he can get to me by saying dumb shit like, "Joaquin Phoenix is so ugly!" or "silverchair sucks!" or whatever, but truth be told, I really don't care what he says. He's all right though.

Secondary school friends

Yunnie: My oldest friend. First met her in Primary Two, when I was 8. She's very different from me, and very into Japanese stuff, but we get along.

Pearl: Is actually a shortened version of her name. She is just so sweet and funny and cute, and so huggable, like a big bear. She's awesome.

Cheryl: Funky chick whom I adore very much. We're not in the same school anymore but we still keep in touch by writing to each other. The problem is, I always take forever to reply and she whacks me for it. Bwahahaha. She's a funny girl, and VERY pretty. And her Chinese sucks. Hahahaha.

The Athlete: She is loud. Very loud. And crazy. And bad-tempered. And can be a total bitch. Like yesterday, during Sport's Day, this Sec. 3 bimbo cheerleader came around and asked us to stand in straight lines. She passed The Athlete, who muttered loud enough for Bimbo Cheerleader to hear: "I don't listen to sluts." Hehe. We thought it was hilarious.

The Goofball Who Has A Perpetual Obsession With Shit: The Goofball for short. She lives near me, kind of. She is very funny, very crazy, and swears a lot. She is also the first to hear about it.

Mrs. Jerry Yen: Jerry Yen is a member of the insanely popular Taiwanese boyband F4, and my friend, Mrs. Jerry Yen, is crazy about him, hence the nickname. She's a good singer and a funny person. We aren't very close though.

Miss Slightly Eccentric: Classmate. Pretty classmate. Pretty odd. Laughs at nothing. We study together, with me Angel and The Slangin' Chick. She's nice, but I ain't got much to say to her.

The Slangin' Chick: Very nice person. She'd do things for you without you asking. She was my buddy during English oral as I was supposed to help her with her reading or whatever but she didn't really need help. I mean she's in fucking Chinese drama, and she talks a lot so I'm pretty sure she scored full marks for conversation during oral. Okay, half of you probably haven't got a clue what I'm saying but it's really not important. TSC is another classmate.

My Angel: She is a great person.

Celene: St. Nicholas' ex-head prefect. Even though I abhor prefects for the posts that they hold, Celene's a special friend of mine because she offered me relationship-ish advice when no one else would. We didn't talk much when we were in St. Nicks, which was a shame as I think my life in that stupid place would somewhat be better if well, if we did talk. Now she's in Raffles Junior College and, unsurprisingly, running for students' council. Go look at her site. It rocks. She writes amazing poetry, and I don't just say this about anybody.

Junior college friends

Mr. Nerd: I used to have a crush on him when school first started. Now, I just like laughing at him. He's a Year 2 Science student. He's graduated.

Mel: My super twin. We have the same Slam Dunk sweater, same track shoes and the same passion for Literature. She is crazy. I mean, really crazy. She brings out my nutty side and she's a laugh to be with. We really hit it off during orientation camp, which was boring as hell.

Triaz: Year Two friend He's graduated, super nice guy, Family One OGL (orientation group leader) during the first orientation ('03 Nebulas). He's this really funky ray of sunshine that'll put a smile on your face no matter how shitty you're feeling. He's also very funny.

Meg Ryan: Super hot retainee in my class. He's nice enough, but kind of weird. I don't know, can't really figure it out. I'm not interested in him though. He's just gorgeous and nice to look at all. Okay, nice to talk to as well.

Sakurai: My friend who's also crazy about Mitsui (he's mine though). An anime fanatic who looks at me as though I were a half-formed foetus when she goes off about some anime thing and I'm like, "Huh?" because I'm supposedly an anime fan and I don't know what she's on about. I'm not an anime fan. I just like Slam Dunk and Gensomaden Saiyuki. Jeez. Anyway, she's an interesting character and you can check out her blog.

Mr. Nsync: So-called because he shares the same name as one of Nsync's members. He's a Malaysian. He's older than me. He's tall. He works. And he's still schooling. What an idiot. But anyway, he's pretty cool.

The New Kid: Ex-boyfriend Number Two. We used to be friends, then started dating, and then after about two months I broke up with him. Currently not on speaking terms.

ACS (I) Idiot Tong: One hell of a lamer. A funny lamer. He makes me laugh and he doesn't have to do anything, just show up in front of me. His face is like a bleeding comic book. Hehe. Or maybe that's just me. Yeah, funny dude. Bloody sarcastic and everything.

The Duck: My classmate, a girl. She's rather emotional but she's fun and she has a crush on my female Literature teacher.

Kitty: One of my good friends from school. She's very lame and likes insulting The New Kid, who likes insulting her as well. They used to insult me together but ever since me and him got together he's doing it a little less. She's very cute too.

Precious Moon: Direct translation of her Chinese name. Another lame person. Used to be quite close during the first few weeks of school but not anymore. Still, a nice girl.

Mr. Girl: My relationship with him is somewhat complicated. On the one hand, he speaks like a bloody girl with an annoying twang to his words, so painfully, blatantly Singlish and it pisses me off. On the other, he's a nice person and he's in my PW group. I don't know what to do with him.

Mr. Class Rep or The Oversized Harlot: This dude is definitely not a friend. He's my assistant in my CCA but constantly acts as if he's in charge. He's the class rep for my class but took the A4 bus to SAFTI just because his equally-oversized girlfriend is on that bus. He's just this bloody annoying piece of shit, wonderfully called "the oversized harlot" by my dear husband Mel. That's all.

Cody: A male person from school who's very into Literature. Quite a looker too.

Other friends

Claire: She's twin or something. I love her to bits. I met her on this awesome Joaquin message board, and when we discovered we're very similar in tastes and personality, we began to seriously email each other, and our emails are at least 3 pages long on MS Word. She's very reliable, as in I can count on her to understand when I unload on her, and I have so much to say to her sometimes, which is quite strange, considering we've never met. She's 16, 17 this year, and she lives in Liverpool. She's just awesome, and she admires James Dean too!

Cain: My oldest Internet-friend-that-even-after-two-years-I-haven't-met. I think he's a pretty special, one-of-a-kind type of guy. He's the only male I've known so far who's truly into the arts and not doing it for other, warped reasons that I don't want to know about. I identify a lot with some of the things he writes about in his blog, more so in his older ones than the current one, but hey. I used to feel as though I was reading about myself. I still get that sometimes.

Ian: Don't know why I'm adding him, 'cause he's not in my life anymore. But yeah...trusted him, opened up, and got burned. Lesson learned. He could've already killed himself, I don't know. I don't care.

Andy: He's really, really nice. And likes silverchair. And reads Anne Rice. I don't, but at least he reads, you know? Some people don't. Whatever, but reading is good for you.

Jeff: He's an American teacher living in Japan. He called me a "talented genius". He's my friend for life.

People of Romantic Interests and Shit Along Those Lines.

Gen: Ex-boyfriend Number One.

The New Kid: Ex-boyfriend Number Two.

The Cager: Some basketballer from JJC, now graduated, I used to have a crush on, merely because he wears the number 14 jersey (it's significant because my favourite character in Slam Dunk, Mitsui Hisashi aka my soulmate, wears the 14 jersey too).

An unnamed member of the opposite sex: ...Sigh. What can I possibly say? I don't know.

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