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r-e-v-i-e-w - 89/100
Five-liner review for content, and I was generous and included the word 'nice'. (Go read to find out.) Obviously, not worth the time.

Faded Revue - 84/100
Apparently, this site is dead. Still, I liked the review. It did feel like the person was making an effort. Reviewed layout one, basketball-themed and featuring Mitsui Hisashi.

Diary Reviews - 92/100
Just another review from a site that started this whole reviewing craze going. Reviewed a free template. I can't remember which. Probably the turtles. (Yea, like you know what I'm talking about.)

Truth Reviews - 93/100
One of my very first reviews. Don't really have any thoughts about it. Yeah, it's not too bad, and apparently the guy who runs it has changed his style so go check it out. Reviewed free template, same as above.

Dream Reviews - 95/100
"I love you. You are the bomb. I can relate to so much of your writing." Yeah, whatever. Don't know which layout she reviewed, as her review didn't give any details.

Tainted Views (no grade)
I liked this one, and I still remember it, AND the site is still alive. Seems like they've changed their style though. Oh well, I liked my review anyway -- it was quite informative and honest. Probably reviewed the turtles layout.

Diary God/dess - 43.5/50
I liked the interview portion. And it also appears that the site is dead. Oh well.

Diary Love - 100/100
Who the hell gives full marks for content? That is as good as receiving a 100% for an English assignment... oh wait, I did that in secondary school, twice. But seriously, another painfully mediocre review, with absolutely no depth whatsoever. The site is also dead. Reviewed the turtle template.

Bad Poetry
Yeah, bad poetry, all right. Still, 'twas a nice twist on the usual reviewing thingy. Alas, seems like the site is dead. Reviewed Mitsui, love of my life, layout.

Peachie Reviews - 94/100
Not too bad. Kind of became friends with the girl who did the review for a while until I stopped remembering to check out her diary. Seems like it's mutual. Oh well. Another review of the turtle layout.

Review World - 91/100
The section for 'content' is actually more than ten sentences long. Commendable. That's all. Reviewed another free template, the one with a couple hugging, which I shall now refer to as 'the couple template'.

Smiley Review - 97/100
Full of praises. Another full-mark score for content. How interesting. Your basic review site. Reviewed the turtles template. (Quite a lot of those.)

Opal Reviews - 87/100
Appreciated the honesty. A notch above most sites. Reviewed layout two, the Jay Chou/Jielun layout.

Bop Reviews - 37/40
Three-sentence review for 'content'. Enough said. Another review of the turtles template.

I Review You - 96/100
I loved this review. It's great. It's also done by someone who has me listed as a favourite and vice-versa. Hehe. She went into great depth and was very generous with her praises. I felt damn good after reading it. Unfortunately, she's not bothered to update it anymore. Shame. Not sure which template she reviewed though, probably one of the free ones that I used for like a few days.

Diary Evaluations - 75/100
"The content is okay, but not great." Thanks for telling me why. Reviewed Mitsui layout.

Unique Views - A
Reviewed the couple template. Yeah. Another mediocre review. Gave me an A- for 'emotions' although I didn't "have any real emotions". Okay. Makes sense.

China Doll Reviews - 91/100
Full marks for content, three sentences for content review. Wow. Damn deep man. Don't know which template she reviewed.

Spoof Reviews - 98/100
A large portion of the review for content was taken up by something I wrote that the reviewer quoted. And she told me to 'be proud of the high score.' I may be Singaporean, but I don't buy into the whole 'high grades define a person' thing, sorry. Oh well, it was okay anyway. Reviewed the couple template.

Diamond Reviews - 89/100
Mindless usage of ellipses and major vagueness aside, this review was okay. At least she linked an entry. Probably reviewed the couple template.

The Reviewer - 89/100
Slightly better than average. And apparently, they have changed their style after my review. And also apparently, they haven't updated in months. Reviewed the couple template.

Rockstar Reviews - 96/100
Reviewer couldn't differentiate "your" and "you're" as in "you are". And her comment: "I can tell you really put alot of time into your diary." Need I say more? I think she reviewed the couple template though there's no way that I can be sure.

Yay or Nay Reviews
This kinda made me laugh. Reviewer didn't understand the content. Reviewed yet another free template from Lucky Designs.

Happy Reviews
This is a classic example of what Literature 'A' Level students should never do during their Literature exams. The reviewer didn't total my marks and I'm too lazy to calculate it myself, so screw it. Site is closed but still there. Reviewed the couple template.

Fcol Reviews - 83/100
I liked this one. I got the sense that she was quite honest with her opinions and she didn't praise me to kiss my ass or to be 'nice'. Reviewed the couple template.

Spanking Reviews - 91/100
Another vague review. But she said that the text was too small. Which is interesting, 'cause I always use Verdana font size=8pt, except for this layout, and so far hardly anyone has said much about it. Oh well. Reviewed the couple template.

Sweet Reviews - 86/90
One sentence for section 'emotions'. Interesting. Reviewed the couple template.

Ethereal Reviews - 84/100
What grammar mistakes? For crying out loud, you just don't tell an anal retentive grammar freak that she's made "frequent" grammatical errors and leave it at that. It's crazy. Still, the review wasn't too bad. Her honesty came through. Reviewed yet another free template.

Simply Our-Views - 105/100
This was quite a good review. She elaborated for section: content, and didn't just say, "You write well" and then, full-stop. Also didn't let her personal dislike for basketball get in the way of her giving me 30 out of 25 for my Mitsui layout. Yay-hoo.

From the Heart Reviews - 75/100
This review pissed me off. She linked to an entry that doesn't even exist. However, I liked the interview bit.

Lyrical Reviews - 97/100
I dug the lyric that she gave me. Very cute. Not much to say about this review; it was fine. Reviewed my Mitsui layout.

All Reviews - 140/130
"I don't like the number thing." Eh? What the hell? Other than that, major vagueness aside, the review was okay. Reviewed my Mitsui layout.

GBM Reviews - 61/100
This review was scathingly honest and it said that I was mediocre. Which is why I liked it. It didn't really affect me a lot 'cause the reviewer wrote as though she had something stuck up her arse, and thus it was an entertaining read. I would recommend this site but it closed down after getting my review done. I feel so lucky. I think she reviewed my Mitsui layout.

Moo Reviews - 84/100
My diary bored the reviewer quite a bit, which isn't surprising. I still haven't figured out why people bother with reading this shit. I know it bores me. Anyway, I don't have any problems with this review, and she said some damn nice things about my Mitsui layout. And there were attempts at elaboration, which is always good.

USA Reviews - 68/100
This reviewer simply didn't get it. I complained about this review in one of my entries but I'm too lazy to look for it. Maybe next time, when I'm not rushing to attend a class barbeque. But the person read 20 entries, wrote a few paragraphs of words and called it a review. Things like that make me wonder why I go through the things that I go through to make my review site the way that it is. Reviewed my Mitsui layout.

Diary Viewer - 96/100
This person was interested. That's interesting. An okay review, nothing really special, and nothing worth complaining about either. In short, your standard review. Reviewed my Mitsui layout.

Divine Reviews - 99/100
Very intriguing comments. I'm not the poetry type gal, unquote? How do you explain this, and that's not even one tenth of the amount of nonsense that I have written over the years. (Or was I supposed to end that with a question mark?) I didn't get the whole string of numbers that came after 'missed updates' but I don't care either. Still, I liked the comments about my writing. That was good. And I get a giant marshmallow. Wahoo.

Alone Reviews - 55/80
She said that my Mitsui basketball-themed layout doesn't suit me 'cause I don't play in a famous team or whatever. What the hell?! I didn't know that I had to be suicidal to make a suicide-themed layout. Similarly, I didn't know that I had to be a famous basketball player to like basketball enough to make a layout out of it. Eh, well, people do have their quirks. That aside, it was a good review. She gave pretty long comments about the content and they made sense.

Compendious Reviews - 182/200
The difference between anime and manga: Anime is Japanese cartoon. Manga is Japanese comic. There you go. I liked this review. She gave me full marks for content and she explained why. She was honest and quite detailed and gave useful comments. Too bad the site has changed management. Reviewed Mitsui layout.

New Review - 108/100
The reviewer's spelling was bad, and although she liked me quite a bit, the review is only okay at best. I think she reviewed the Mitsui layout.

Sinful Reviews - 88/100
Apparently, I wasn't personal enough.Which is true to a certain extent. Quite a lovely review though, as the reviewer told me rather explicitly what she liked and didn't like. Definitely better than a lot of the reviews that I've got. Reviewed the Mitsui layout.

Review Corp - 68/100
This site died, resurrected, posted my review, posted a request for reviewers, and apparently it's died again. Oh well. She didn't like my Jielun layout, Layout Two, which is completely justifiable as now I think it sucked. Also, this review wasn't vague at all, and one of the better ones.

Who Knew Reviews - 74/85
Not bad. Yeah. Nothing much to say. I was pleased on the whole. Reviewed Jielun layout.

Fleur-Review - 88/100
Half of her comments about my content was a quote by me. Therefore, this review is only mediocre, just your average generic review. At least she liked some of the things that she read. Nothing really insightful though. Reviewed Jielun layout.

Blunt Reviews - 168/200
This review rocks. This review site rocks. Everyone who's looking for an honest and no-holds-barred review should request from this site. She liked me, but not my Jielun layout. Actually, I think I messed up big time on the html but because it showed up perfectly fine on my computer, I didn't know about it until people started complaining. Oh well. So yeah, request from Blunt Reviews!

Quite Nasty Reviews - 85/100
Another fantastic site that tells you precisely what they think of your shit. Also another great review. And this time, the reviewer liked my Jielun layout. Yes. Request from Quite Nasty Reviews and appreciate the blunt honesty.

Lavish Reviews - 76/100
This review, to put it nicely, is a little conservative. Fair enough. What annoyed me, though, was that she complained about my usage of local slang terms and other things. I guess she didn't get it. Apart from that, this review was also better than most, though not one of the best that I've received, and she also read quite a bit of my diary. Reviewed Jielun layout.

Straight Up Reviews - 87/100
I was pleased with this review. The reviewer was generous with her praises and criticisms, but more importantly, she liked my much-panned Jielun layout. Heh. Also gave a rather insightful review of my content. Yeah, request from Straight Up. They're good and they're not 15-year-old American girls.

Rouge Reviews - 121/160
I remember being quite annoyed when I read the review, but that probably has got more to do with pride than anything else. I'm too lazy to read through it to form a second opinion but well, the review is long. That should be a bonus. Found the style a little constipated though. Reviewed Jielun layout.

Design Views - 78/100
She reviewed my Jielun layout, and as its name implies, this site reviews only self-made layouts. I was very happy with this review. I thought that the reviewer was helpful with her comments and she gave me a good idea of what not to do in future layouts. It's also one of the few review sites for designs out there.

Special Reviews - 79/100
This one was okay. Nothing to say, really. Reviewed Jielun layout.

Elurien Reviews - 66/100
I absolutely loved this review and I think it's the best I've got so far despite the fact that it's the lousiest score on the board. Frankly, I don't give a shit about the score; it's the comments that matter. This review epitomises the meaning of the word 'insightful' and the reviewer really put a lot into the review. It's also damn obvious that she knows what she's talking about. She made me realise that there's a lot that I can improve on regarding my writing, and for that I'm grateful. She also gave many useful suggestions to improve, which isn't something I can say for many sites out there. In short, this review site is probably the best that I've encountered. Go request.

Mediocre Reviews - 156/200
A tip for reviewers: If you're tired, don't fucking review. It only serves to make your review utterly useless. That's all. Reviewed Sanzo layout.

Pink Sugar Reviews - 92/100
Run-on sentences much? Nah, just kidding. The reviewer was very sweet. So was her review. And she seemed quite impressed with me. Not bad. Reviewed Sanzo layout.

Slut Reviews - 80/100
Another awesome review site. Go here for a very blunt opinion of your diary. The reviewers don't hesitate to give '0' for content, and thus some of the nastier reviews are a good, hilarious read. She didn't like my diary much, but she liked my review site. Wahahaha. Reviewed Sanzo layout.

Blonde Reviews - 71/100
They certainly live up to their name. And I just found out that they're closed. Oh well, the review was useless and it sucked anyway.

I'm Not Your Star - 97/100
This review was good. No complaints here. Not much to say either.

Truth Review - 83/100
"There isn't really anything more I can say here." What about why weren't my entries interesting? What's wrong with "daily happenings mixed with a little bit of complaining"? A three-sentence review for 'content' without any justification whatsoever for her shallow and vague remarks. If I were the owner of the site I'd boot her off. Or maybe she owns it. Either way, I don't care. Truth review, my foot. This review was crap. Reviewed my Sanzo suicide layout, Layout Three. Web Site Reviews - 81/100
Linked this site differently because it's just different. Very interesting scoring style and also very useful comments. I liked this review although the reviewer didn't think much of the layout. Still, the reviewer said that I was an "excellent writer". How interesting. Reviewed '15' layout.

Pijin Reviews - 92/100
Very cute review. That's about it. Reviewed '15' layout, Layout Four.

Losing Hope Reviews - 83/100
Amazingly detailed. Very amazingly detailed. She also read a lot of my entries. Great review, great site. Reviewed '15' layout. The font is a bit tiny though.

Saddle Shoe Reviews - 177/200
She doesn't understand poetry. Oh well. She called my layout 'genius' though, which makes up for everything else. Then again, 'everything else' was pretty good, too. Reviewed '15' layout.

Whisper Reviews - 110/130
A review of my '15' layout. Very vague, very useless, and completely redundant. Offered nothing insightful and it seemed as though all the reviewer knew to say was that my layout is "interesting", which, obviously, I already know. Whatever.

Dive Reviews - 140/160
She liked my entries. That's good. I don't understand why she didn't like my '15' layout though; I personally thought it was a stroke of genius. Bwahahaha.

Empty Reviews - 99/100
I have intrigue! Oh my god! Pseudo-ditziness aside, this review was good. And it was the first review of my second Jielun layout and I got full marks. Whoa.

Fuckin' Ugly - 75/100
My Jielun layout number two is 'crap in drag'. That made me laugh. This review was funny.

Fuckin' Ugly - 80/100 (review two)
Review of my third Jay Chou layout. Got five more points this time. No more 'crap in drag' though. Haha. Great review, as per usual.

Always Romance Reviews - 88/100
This one was so-so... No it wasn't, I was just being polite. One word: Wotevah.

Dotty Reviews - No score
This review was great. It was in-depth, she read a lot of my boring entries, and she liked me. Wahoo. I like her style, too. Yep.

Everwood Reviews - 85/100
Can't remember where on earth I hosted the red Jay Chou picture but wherever it was, the fucking server fucked up. Ah well. Anyway, another review of which I have no complaints. It's good, it's all good.

Tell It Like It Is - 66/100

Abuse Reviews - 41/100

Delirium Reviews - 98/100

Diary Nazi Reviews - 92/100
Great review.

Solitary Reviews


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